Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sunday Best (On a Monday): Treats

So I get it. It's actually Monday. And by the time I post this, it will technically be Tuesday. Aye yai yai. But I never did a Sunday Best post last week. So if I also don't present one for this week, I'm afraid you might think I don't wear any clothes. And I do. I do wear clothes. So here's something I wore last week:

bow: Claire's, top: Smith's, jeans: Vanity, flats: Alloy, earrings: Kohls

Last week while we are out at Smith's Marketplace fetching groceries, BWell told me I had earned a treat. That's when I found this shirt on a clearance rack. The black lace collar, the dot details, and the price tag were all factors that made this shirt speak to me. And the shirt said, "Kelsey, make Brian buy me!" 

So I did just that. I showed it to Brian and I said, "Sweetheart, I want to get this shirt as my treat. Just imagine that I got two bags of Oreos instead." So he bought it. 

I don't know what you should find more disturbing: the fact that I buy clothes at the grocery store, or the fact that Brian rewards me with treats while we grocery shop to persuade me to behave.

All the same, I really love treats. Like this shirt. And like pretty mountains and trees. We took these pictures after a truck ride up to Mt. Logan. The view was stunning and such a treat. 

I also like treats involving chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.  


  1. Treats are the best! And that shirt is the best kind of treat. Love love love it. And your hair makes me want to chop all of mine off, even though I'm sure I would never look as cute as you. It still makes me want to try though.

  2. Treats are great. And I agree the mountains are trees are gorg! As are you! Too cute.


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