Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Truth Tuesday

  • I've discovered I really enjoy going on walks (especially when BWell and the pooch are present). There are just so many things I notice in my surroundings that I would miss out on if I were running past or driving in my car. Take those trees in the picture above for instance. We'd walked past them plenty of times . . . but one day in particular . . . I suddenly noticed them. I noticed how twisted they were and they reminded me of something out of a storybook. Brian and I decided they look like whomping willows (all you Harry Potter fans, raise yo hands in the air). 

  • I love going on long drives by myself. There's something liberating about running the temperature just how I like it and blasting my choice of music as loud as I want. 

  • I'm jealous of all my student friends who are on vacations right now for spring break. Soooo jealous. 

  • I love going out for breakfast. It is one of my all-time favorite things. 

  • My least favorite meal is lunch. I love breakfast and dinner, but I always find lunch so obnoxious. It's right in the middle of the day when I'm busy doing things. How inconvenient.

  • Lunch would probably be easier if I liked sandwiches. But I don't really like sandwiches. I like sandwich meat and I like bread, but I don't liked them mashed together. 

  • Brian and I played pool tonight and I think we need to make it a weekly tradition. 

  • My house gets cleaned more than ever in the 15 minutes before guests come over. Brian and I kid whenever the house gets messy that we better invite friends over. 

Happy Tuesday! Enjoy the rest of your week. XO

Monday, March 10, 2014

Wrong Number

Do you ever get a text message from some number you don't know? And then you don't know how to reply?

A few weeks ago, during elections at USU, I got a text from an obscure number saying something along the lines of, "Vote for so-and-so for such-and-such position!" I replied and said I wasn't a student. I thought that was the end of that.

Then a few days ago, I got another text from the same number. I figured since I used proper phone etiquette the first time around, I now had the right to have a little fun.

I told her the only Rebecca I know is my great-aunt. So I'm not sure if I know her or of how she managed to get my number, but I'm so grateful for the opportunity we had to bond over water. 

I still don't know what Water Week is though . . . and I'll probably wonder for the rest of my life. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Truth Tuesday

  • My new favorite thing is taking Munch for a walk after Brian and I get home from work. Too bad stubborn Luna won't walk on her come-with-me-kitty. Then we could be all be a happy, walking family. 

  • I hate feelings of inadequacy. Hate it, hate it. I'm the worst at criticizing myself. It's probably my biggest thing in life I need to learn to overcome. 

  • I have a hard time making friends. I'm bad at opening up to people. But once I make friends with someone, I can promise I'm fiercely loyal. Perhaps that's why I struggle with making friends . . . I take friendship pretty seriously. 

  • I have all these beautiful flowers springing up in my yard and I'm just praying to God that I don't kill them all. 

  • Sometimes I think it'd be a sweet life to just move around and live in a tent. But then I remember that I really love my house. I feel like my house is my friend, like it has this old, amazing soul. Is that weird? Probably. 

  • One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when people don't take you seriously. Now that I'm no longer a student and I'm trying to infiltrate (yes, infiltrate, it's that serious) myself into real adult life, I find it ridiculous how people treat me sometimes just because I'm young. Age is just a number. I mean, I know wisdom comes with age. But still, I've met some pretty irresponsible people in their 40s. 

  • Today I interviewed the President of Winger's. I wish I could say it was because he was giving me a lifetime supply of sticky fingers. Really, it was because the Winger's in Logan closed down. I wrote a short article from his interview, posted it and sobbed big tears the whole time.

  • I watched "Gravity" with my mom over the weekend and unlike the rest of the world, we thought it was really boring and I felt like the touching parts were forced. I still love Sandy B. I'm just being honest.

  • I hate Tuesdays. I'm so glad this one is almost over.