Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy as a Clam

I spent yesterday poolside with my mom, sisters, aunt, and cousins. Besides totally frying my thighs, I was happy as a clam.

I was happy as a clam making conversation with my mom and aunt, munching on Chips Ahoy cookies, catching up on my book, relaxing, and snapping photos of my cute sisters and cousins.

Happy as a clam, I tell you. A very red, burnt clam. I think I've learned my lesson. Time to put aside the pride and put on the sunscreen. But really, it was a great summer day.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Instagrams & Milk

Tonight we had a ward party with our church. I filled my cup up with water a second time (working on drinking more water over here) and I noticed the water jug was low on water. Then I turned around. A little girl, probably around seven, stood there smiling at me. "I like that thing on your head," she told me. I had a scarf tied around my head you see.
"Well, thank you," I replied. Then she lifted her cup to the water jug. "Here, let me help you with that. It's almost out of water."
So I carefully tipped the jug more and more so the little girl could get water in her cup. Too bad I didn't notice a full cup of water that sat on top of the jug. And finally I tipped the jug just enough that the cup of water slid off and spilled all over the little girl's head. True story. I felt totally awkward and embarrassed and I think a very dramatic gasp escaped from my mouth. Lucky for me, the little girl just laughed and said, "That was fun."

And along with that awkward story about how I tried to drown a girl at our ward party, here are some recent instagrams of mine. . .

The little sis, Chlo, showed me how the swinging is done. 

My brother is a high school graduate. Weird. 

"Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light." -Theodore Roethke 

Raise yo paw if you love yo ma! (taken on Mother's Day)

scooter love 

Chloe, the bathing beauty 

Proof that I can be domestic. Pasta carbonara. 

Sporting Brian's favorite glasses ;) 

Luna loves to hide in bags. That, killing wasps, and cuddling are a few of her hobbies. 

My first ever Yoohoo. It was delightful. 

Some pig

Me and Lexi at Cheesecake Factory 

The husband is looking sharp today. 

Apparently my parents are becoming zookeepers or farmers 

I made cheesecake. And no one died. 

pool day 

My username is mrskellwell. What's yours? I want to follow you! And I promise I won't spill water on your head in the process. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Truth Tuesday

old family photos 
My great-grandpa's sister 
My favorite cemetery to visit

  • I always have and always will love Memorial Day. I've always been a bit of a history nut. Even when I was a young girl, I loved listening to my great-grandma tell stories about the Great Depression and a time when girls couldn't wear pants to school. And now my great-grandma is gone, and most of the people who lived during the Great Depression are gone. Of course you can always read about the Great Depression, but it's just so different to know someone, to have a name to attach it with, and know their personal experiences that went along with the event. I love visiting the graves of my ancestors. I love talking about those peoples' lives and bringing them back with us for the day. It's important to remember where we came from, and be grateful to those who gave us what we have. On Saturday, we visited my grandparents. My grandma Reeder pulled out some old photographs of ancestors and told me about them. I almost felt like I knew them at that moment, I could almost feel them lingering there with us in the room. And it was so much more special when I then paid a visit to their graves on Monday. 

  • I've been wanting to watch this movie more than anything the last few days. Before the end of the week, mind you, I'll sit Brian down and we'll watch it. Maybe even pop some popcorn. It makes me laugh until I cry. And it has Sandra Bullock AND Bradley Cooper in it. Where can you go wrong, really. 

  • Speaking of movies, Brian and I went to see What to Expect When You're Expecting and we thought it was too funny. If you get uncomfortable with talk of the vagina and such, I suggest you do not see it. If you are a woman, you will love it. If you are a mature man, you will also love it. But if you're the kind of man who gets all dramatic every time you take a walk down the tampon aisle at the grocery store. . .then you won't be able to appreciate the beauty of this movie. But what I really wanted to say about this movie, is that I want Cameron Diaz's arms. Every time she is in a movie, I just find myself staring at her arms and yearning after them. New item on the summer bucket list: Get Cameron Diaz arms. 

  • I idolize Denise Austin. I have a yoga DVD of hers and I love our mornings spent together. New item on the life bucket list: Be like Denise Austin when I am in my late fifties. 

  • I babysat the cutest, little baby today. Her pretty, little mom asked me afterwards if it made me want to have kids. I told her no. Because honestly, I worry I'm going to be one of those super protective and hyper worrying parents. The kind that can't let their children out of their sight. Because that's how I was today. And quite frankly, I feel like doing that every day will shorten my life-span. Apparently I need to chill out before I start raising babies. 

  • Today Brian gave me a compliment. After "Jump" came on our classic rock radio station and he asked me who sang it, I quickly replied, "Van Halen". I thought everybody knew that Van Halen sang that song. But then Brian said, "Your ability to identify 80s rock songs is unparalleled by any girl I know." I guess my parents raised me on 80s power ballads and such, and I guess I just paid attention. I love a good 80s rock song though. I mean, if this song comes on anywhere and at anytime, I'm instantly singing and fist pumping. True story. Even ask Brian. And believe me, you really want to click on that link and watch that fabulous music video. 80s music videos are so cheesy it kills me.   

  • I have a new goal to really start drinking more water. I'm not a big pop drinker, so I'm usually drinking water or milk (or Simply Orange if it's morning time) but I know I still need to do better. Especially with my upcoming half marathon at the end of June. If you want to drink more water too, I found an article which talks about nine ways to drink more water. Mmm, water. I will make myself drink more of you and your goodness. 

Happy Tuesday, you lovelies! 

Patio Paradise

Brian and I (and Luna too) spent all morning of Memorial Day out on our back patio. We put forth our best efforts to transform the boring slab of cement into a little garden getaway.

Here is what it looked like before we shoveled, and planted, and painted. . . .

The little flower bed was just full of bark. . .and plenty of weeds too. So we purchased some flowers, tomato plants, soil, and wood and we went to work.

We also purchased some patio furniture. Nothing fancy. Just those plastic white chairs. Except we spray painted the chairs fun colors. You know us Wellers, we are all about our bright colors over here!

And by lunch time, this is what we created. . .

We are pretty thrilled with the results. I'm so happy that I married someone who likes to take on odd little projects just as much as me. Here is to many summer evenings spent on our colorful, little patio!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Best: Dear Prudence

 top: PacSun, vest: Smith's Marketplace, jeans: Ross, sandals: Target, earrings: Kohl's, little bird necklace: Forever21
(Excuse the giant weed in this last picture) 

This outfit was inspired by a song. If that's even possible. But I feel like it is possible. I woke up Friday morning to overcast skies. After going to the gym and taking a shower, I sorted through the clothes in my closet, trying to decide what to wear. The song "Dear Prudence" by The Beatles was stuck in my head. As I quietly sang the words out loud, I suddenly realized I'd put this ensemble together. So thank you, Beatles, for letting me release my inner flower child last Friday. 

As for my curly mane of hair, I'm not sure what inspired that. I wish I could tell you it was Lion King, or Aslan from  The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe but it's safe to say I haven't watched that movie recently or read that book. I guess I just decided to let my natural curls take over. My hair is so thick. I'm remembering now why I've kept it so short for the last two years. Grow faster hair, before I chop you! 

Have a relaxing weekend! I'm going to go play Wii sports with BWell and nibble on some cheesecake I made last night. I'll probably also eat some leftovers from our Sunday lunch. We hosted lunch at our place with my family! Oddly enough, I was kind of nervous. But I think it turned out swell. No one has gotten food poisoning yet. . .that I know of. Now let me leave you with that "Dear Prudence" song. 



I should be in bed right now. Or at least showering. But I'm not because I'm too busy pondering. Brian and I are speaking in church tomorrow. Is it odd that I actually enjoy speaking in church? Probably. I'm odd. But I just love these opportunities because in the end, I feel like I learn so much about the topic I'm assigned to speak on. And most the time, the topic somehow seems to fit perfectly into my life, like it's something my Heavenly Father knows I need to gain a greater understanding of.

I am speaking on agency. And not to get all religious up on everybody, but here's a lovely quote I found regarding agency:

   “Agency allows us to be tested and tried to see whether or not we will endure to the end and return to our Heavenly Father with honor. Agency is the catalyst that leads us to express our inward spiritual desires in outward Christlike behavior. Agency permits us to make faithful, obedient choices that strengthen us so that we can lift and strengthen others. Agency used righteously allows light to dispel the darkness and enables us to live with joy and happiness in the present, look with faith to the future, even into the eternities, and not dwell on the things of the past. Our use of agency determines who we are and what we will be.”
               -Robert D. Hales

I hope I can always strive to exercise my agency in a way to bring myself closer to Christ and not push myself away, to strengthen and lift others and not tear others down, to spread light and not hide in the darkness. 

Guys, no matter what your beliefs are, I want you to know that our spirits are so powerful and can do so much good. You are beautiful.