Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Best: Dear Prudence

 top: PacSun, vest: Smith's Marketplace, jeans: Ross, sandals: Target, earrings: Kohl's, little bird necklace: Forever21
(Excuse the giant weed in this last picture) 

This outfit was inspired by a song. If that's even possible. But I feel like it is possible. I woke up Friday morning to overcast skies. After going to the gym and taking a shower, I sorted through the clothes in my closet, trying to decide what to wear. The song "Dear Prudence" by The Beatles was stuck in my head. As I quietly sang the words out loud, I suddenly realized I'd put this ensemble together. So thank you, Beatles, for letting me release my inner flower child last Friday. 

As for my curly mane of hair, I'm not sure what inspired that. I wish I could tell you it was Lion King, or Aslan from  The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe but it's safe to say I haven't watched that movie recently or read that book. I guess I just decided to let my natural curls take over. My hair is so thick. I'm remembering now why I've kept it so short for the last two years. Grow faster hair, before I chop you! 

Have a relaxing weekend! I'm going to go play Wii sports with BWell and nibble on some cheesecake I made last night. I'll probably also eat some leftovers from our Sunday lunch. We hosted lunch at our place with my family! Oddly enough, I was kind of nervous. But I think it turned out swell. No one has gotten food poisoning yet. . .that I know of. Now let me leave you with that "Dear Prudence" song. 



  1. Ok, you are stunning!!
    And I love the outfit :)

  2. Oh The Beatles... I love this song! And all of their songs of course. Amazing!

  3. this reminds me of Rizzo from Grease. (a good thing)

    1. "You makin' fun of me, Riz?"
      "Some people are so touchy."

      Now I want to watch Grease.

  4. 1. I think you are beautiful
    2. and funny.
    3. I think we should throw a "blog buddy" party

    happy day to you!

    1. Kels, I think that blog buddy party is a fantastic idea!


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