Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Truth Tuesday

glasses: Claire's, dress: Old Navy, necklace: Downeast Outfitters, gladiators: Ross

  • The quote above is so very true. Sometimes I forget to be grateful for all I have and I start to look around and compare. Oh I wish I had their puppy, I want their car, I want to go to Disneyland, I wish I could be as cool as her. Well, wanting and whining never helped anyone. The right attitude is gratitude. I was reminded of that today when I helped my little sister with her 8th grade country report. She chose Ethiopia since my mom and I went there four years ago (I can't believe it's already been that long ago). I told all the kids how grateful and happy they should be for the amazing country we live in. I think sometimes we get used to expecting more, like we have some kind of special privilege. As I told the kids some of my stories about starving children I fed, kids whose parents had been murdered, girls my age dying of AIDS, families living in one room grass huts (and having to bring their goats and other animals inside with them at night so the hyenas didn't eat them), I remembered once again just how good I have it. The thing that blew my mind about Ethiopia though, is that the people never complained. I met some of the happiest people I think I may ever meet while visiting that beautiful country. They continually thanked God for all they had rather than dwelling on all their many, many hardships. 

  • Speaking of happiness, I found a list of 12 Things Happy People Do Differently. I'm going to try to focus on working on a few of them. I'll be honest, I think I actually am pretty good with most of them, but they are all things I can continually progress at. And there are a few ( like #3 and #10) I could really work on, and I think it could increase my happiness. And who doesn't want to increase their happiness? Join me, will you? 

  • Happy is actually my favorite word in the English language. One day I thought about it, and I decided it was my favorite. And I'm all about my words. So saying that happy is my favorite is a big deal.

  • I'm stoked out of my socks that Yellowcard is coming out with a new album this summer. I will forever love Yellowcard. I will also never forget the first time BWell sang and played on the guitar "Only One" by Yellowcard for me. At that moment I honestly decided I might have to marry the guy. 

  • I have a confession. I know I'm probably the minority but the minority deserves to have a voice too. I hate The Bachelor/Bachelorette. It makes me want to puke in my mouth. And puking in my mouth is not an enjoyable thing to do. I just think it's an insult to intelligence and true love. But that's just my opinion. You'd probably hate the stuff I watch on television too. I guess that's why they make so many different channels, to fit the tastes of all different personalities. So you may continue to watch your Bachelor/Bachelorette in peace and I will continue to watch my documentaries, 48 Hr Mysteries, Duck Dynasty, and What Not to Wear. We can all be happy.

  • My brother graduates from high school tomorrow and I'm not sure how to feel about it. I think I'm having more mixed emotions than he is, which I don't think is normal. I'm excited for him. I think he's going to love college!   


  1. This was a fantastic post! Not only was it inspiring but I also hate the Bachelor/Bacherlorette!! My god is it bad TV! And I love Yellowcard so much! Ocean Avenue was the reason I started playing guitar!

    1. That's awesome you play the guitar!! I want my husband to teach me so badly. But I'd probably be a bad student. Thanks for the comment. I can tell you have fantastic taste in music and in television :).

  2. I really like that happy list! I'm going to have to try it out.
    And I completely agree with you on the Bachelor, my friends (all boys) made me watch an episode and it was awful. I walked out before it was over.


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