Thursday, May 10, 2012

Have Some Soup, Aye?

Ever heard of the Havasupai tribe? Well, their village is in Arizona and to get there you have to hike into the Grand Canyon. This strange little place is one of the few locations in the country where the Pony Express still lives. All supplies are delivered either on horseback or by helicopter. The natives are content living in the dust, surrounded by red rock. But this place does have a secret. Once you get to the village, the land transforms from a desert to an oasis. Plants grow thick, and giant waterfalls gush from the ground. The water flows on a bed of limestone, making the water a crystal clear blue. It's a jaw dropping sight. I've had an itch to see this place for over two years now, and finally I can mark it off my bucket list. Brian and I backpacked all our supplies down to our campsite and then back out again. Hiking becomes a lot harder when you are carrying an extra 30 pounds on your back. But I loved the challenge. There is just something incredible about doing something so physically challenging that you can feel your spirit driving your body forward. 

The day before we left for our trip, I told my grandpa where we were going. He looked upward and shook his head a little, "Man, you two sure do know how to live I've decided." I laughed at first, but I've been thinking about this little comment a lot ever since. I think that's what love is about; finding someone who makes you want to live bigger and better than you ever would by yourself. 

So thanks Brian, for making me want to live big. 

Some highlights of the trip: 

  • Making friends with all the village dogs and having a specific one follow us everywhere. 
  • Having a bath near Havasu Falls and being dramatic about the cold water. It amused Brian. 
  • Freaking Brian out every time I brought up talk of skinwalkers. 
  • Some of the native girls posing it up for my camera. They were the cutest. 
  • Eating dinner out of a can every night. But I was so hungry that every night it tasted super delicious! 
  • Attempting to catch lizards. 
  • Seeing a giant moose! 
  • Meeting many interesting people from all over the world.    


  1. What an intense looking journey. It looks like it took a lot of work to get to that village but the view looks totally worth it! Wow!

  2. It really was amazing. Our feet are a bit beat up now, but no regrets here!


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