Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Truth Tuesday

  • I have this deep love for Winnie the Pooh and probably always will. When I was little and it was just me and my parents, we would go for rides up the canyon and search for Christopher Robin's house. 

  • After seeing Avengers, I just want to know why The Hulk's pants don't rip off like the rest of his clothing does. Okay, obviously I understand why. We all didn't want to see the movie get an R rating, but that's all I could think about during the second half of the movie. It was very distracting. 

  • Whenever someone says, "You are so photogenic", I can't help but feel a little bit insulted. I know it's meant to be a compliment, but whenever someone says it to me, I can't help but think, "So are you trying to tell me I look better in pictures than I actually look in real life?" 

  • I started working at Brian's Allstate office this week. He gave me the title of "Marketing Director" which sounds a ton fancier than it actually is. I'm excited though. I already have a list of ideas. But I will admit, it's a lot easier to complain and whine to your boss when he doubles as your husband. My goal is to cut that out. Sorry honey (I mean sir), I'll be better.

  • I have this horrible habit of chewing my lips. I have a hard time making myself stop. Any tips for overcoming this habit? 

  • I painted my fingernails a bright yellow the other night. The actual name of the polish is lightening. I think they named it that because it shocks the elderly. I plan on still painting my nails this bright when I'm 80 though.  

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