Thursday, May 24, 2012

Class of 2012

Excuse my slouch, I was wearing tall wedges and didn't want to be taller than the graduate. 
Cody & Jace
 Jace & Alyssa. She's over six feet tall and is going to dominate playing volleyball for CSI. 
My sister and her friend, posing it up with Jace. 
Future graduate
 Jace and his cute friend, Madison. They are both coming to USU!! Yay! 
I made this for the brother. So excited he's going to be an Aggie!
The fam. Minus Grandpa and Grandma Keller. They ran off real quick. 

Last night my brother graduated from West Side High School. It's a weird thing to watch your baby brother graduate. I just can't stop thinking about when he was a little toddler with chubby cheeks and super blonde hair. I was super protective of that little boy and at the same time, I adored picking on him. He couldn't say his R's, which was problematic since his name is Wonnie Jace Kella and his favorite animal was the hewmit cwab. And I could easily convince him to dress up in tutus with me and we would both dance around the front room. It's true, Jace. Don't deny it. I have pictures.

And then I think about when I, myself, was a senior at West Side and Jace was just a freshman. Again, I was super protective and again, I adored picking on him. No one would tease my little freshman brother unless it was me. He was most likely embarrassed of me since some of his friends thought me and my friends were the hot senior girls, but Jace just saw us as his annoying older sister and her obnoxious friends. And it most likely bugged him how I befriended all the girls his age who played various sports with me; I told them my best and worst dating stories, gave them boy advice, and drove them around places since none of them had a driving license yet. I'm sure there have plenty of times that Jace just wanted to get rid of me.

But he must not want to get rid of me too badly since he'll be coming to Utah State with me in the fall. I'd like to believe he really does love me after all.

Over the years, Jace and I have grown to be not just siblings but also good friends. I'm proud of the gentleman he's grown into. He's just bound to do great things in life.

Way to go, Class of 2012! Be proud of your little West Side High heritage and go out and do totally rad things!
  And no major event would be complete without my dad giving a girl a big smooch. Thanks for being a good sport, Alyssa.

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