Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Instagrams & Milk

Tonight we had a ward party with our church. I filled my cup up with water a second time (working on drinking more water over here) and I noticed the water jug was low on water. Then I turned around. A little girl, probably around seven, stood there smiling at me. "I like that thing on your head," she told me. I had a scarf tied around my head you see.
"Well, thank you," I replied. Then she lifted her cup to the water jug. "Here, let me help you with that. It's almost out of water."
So I carefully tipped the jug more and more so the little girl could get water in her cup. Too bad I didn't notice a full cup of water that sat on top of the jug. And finally I tipped the jug just enough that the cup of water slid off and spilled all over the little girl's head. True story. I felt totally awkward and embarrassed and I think a very dramatic gasp escaped from my mouth. Lucky for me, the little girl just laughed and said, "That was fun."

And along with that awkward story about how I tried to drown a girl at our ward party, here are some recent instagrams of mine. . .

The little sis, Chlo, showed me how the swinging is done. 

My brother is a high school graduate. Weird. 

"Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light." -Theodore Roethke 

Raise yo paw if you love yo ma! (taken on Mother's Day)

scooter love 

Chloe, the bathing beauty 

Proof that I can be domestic. Pasta carbonara. 

Sporting Brian's favorite glasses ;) 

Luna loves to hide in bags. That, killing wasps, and cuddling are a few of her hobbies. 

My first ever Yoohoo. It was delightful. 

Some pig

Me and Lexi at Cheesecake Factory 

The husband is looking sharp today. 

Apparently my parents are becoming zookeepers or farmers 

I made cheesecake. And no one died. 

pool day 

My username is mrskellwell. What's yours? I want to follow you! And I promise I won't spill water on your head in the process. 


  1. oh finally! i've been trying to search for your instagram name for FOREVER.

  2. That story made me laugh out loud!!!! I can just picture it! You're fun!

  3. I'll bet that little girl thinks you are her new hero.


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