Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Instagrams & Milk: Vegas Style

So we got back from our road trip last Friday. You know, the one where we drove to Arizona to hike and camp for a few days, and then drove back to Vegas for Brian's work conference. That road trip. And I gathered a handful of photos on my phone from that trip. Most of them are from Vegas, but a couple are from the drive. Most of them in Vegas I was by myself, but a couple Brian was out of meetings and with me. I think some people were worried I would be bored in Vegas for three days with Brian busy all day. But I actually enjoyed the alone time. It was relaxing. And you know what? I went to a restaurant by myself and ordered a bunch of food to eat by myself, and it felt so liberating.

Here are some Instagrams. . .Vegas style, of course.

Brian's exact words about this incident were: "I married a five year old." The good news is we're almost to Vegas! 

Hello, Route 66 with your beautiful cars

Dear Ronnie Jace, this is for you. Happy late birthday.

Just checking into the Wynn after camping in the wilderness for several days. No big.

Nike store. NFL. I'm American. 

 What a lovely background. 

Cheesecake Factory has my heart. And my stomach. 

Poolside in Vegas. Flying solo until BWell gets out of meetings. 

Pool Rat 

Eating lunch on the strip while flying solo. I am such fun company. 

Why use mirrors when you can just use the reflection of the humongous window in your room?

Virgin drink hour 

 Smell you later, hotel. It's been real. 

We enjoyed our road trip. . .but we were more than ready to get home and cuddle this cute thang.


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