Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pumpkin Pleasure

 That title sounds like it could be a little risque. But this post is not risque at all. I knew that title would reel you in. You sucker.

 our pickins
pay no attention to the couple canoodling in the background

 Last night, I should have done more homework, but instead Brian and I jumped in the truck and drove out to a little local pumpkin patch. There is something about a pumpkin patch that makes me feel like a giddy fifteen year old. It might be the fact that I had a crush on a pumpkin patch boy when I was fifteen. Those big green eyes and the way he carried those pumpkins on his shoulder just made my heart thump, you know? Well, a few days after I finally turned the magical Mormon age of 16 (we're advised not to date until then), Pumpkin Boy took me on my first date. I still remember what I wore on that date because it took me about an hour to pick it out. When Pumpkin Boy picked me up, he took me to the bowling alley. I hate bowling. And I guess seeing Pumpkin Boy carry bowling balls on his shoulder instead of pumpkins made me nervous and confused. I hardly talked all night. He didn't ask me out again after that.

And I'm cool with that because last night at the pumpkin patch, I got to watch my blue eyed, blonde haired boy haul pumpkins around and it made my heart thump extra hard. After a long search of digging through piles of pumpkins to find just the right ones, I finally came to the point where I was ready to make our purchase. The owner made fun of me at one point and asked if I was trying to find just the right ones. I told him yes. The owner also talked me into buying these cute little squashes that he told me to eat after I was done using them as decorations. That sounded exciting. So I'm looking forward to the day that I cut those little squashes open and stick them in the oven. I'll let you know how that goes.

So this morning, I have a pile of funny pumpkins in all varieties and I also have a pile of unfinished homework. The pumpkins were way more fun to invest my time in so I don't feel guilty at all. I am also glad we went to a local pumpkin patch and not to some grocery store that has crummy pumpkins out front. Brian and I are all about shopping locally. So I guess I'll just end this pumpkin adventure by putting a plug in to shop local first. Smile.


  1. looks like lots of fun - and love the cute squashes :) (and your first date story :P)

    1. Ha ha! Ah, young love. It makes for the best stories, right?


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