Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Meet Pidge. Pidge is a pigeon. He just showed up at our house one day. So it looks like my family now has a new pet.

We need all the new pets we can get to fill the hole where Rex used to be. Rex was our three-legged dog. He got hit by a cop and lost his fourth one. Rex had been getting old and was in a lot of pain due to arthritis. My family woke up one morning a couple weeks ago, and Rex was gone. He still hasn't been back. My family is worried the coyotes got him. Brian told me that lots of dogs will wander off when they know they are going to die. So maybe he did that. I'd like to imagine that's what he did. Maybe he walked up the mountain and then just went to sleep. Maybe Ringo (our other dog) went with him to say goodbye. Yeah, that's what happened. The coyotes had no part in it. Ringo is finally starting to cheer up again. He had been a sad dog the last few times I had gone home. Rex was his mentor. Even though Rex hogged the dog house and the scraps, Ringo still loved and looked up to him. 

Aside from the dog rant, I am happy Pidge came into our lives. Maybe we can attach notes to his ankle and train him to deliver them. I will work on that this summer. Hopefully Mama Cat hasn't attacked Pidge yet, eaten part of him, and put the rest away as food storage. Pidge is a bit bigger than her, but that cat knows how to hunt. 

Oh my gosh. I am one of those weird animal ladies.   

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