Monday, April 25, 2011

Hippity Hoppity Happy

Easter. One of my favorites of the holidays. Right up there with. . .
Christmas, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Halloween.

Let's get real. I am a holiday fanatic. Scrooge probably would have taken one look at me and speared me through the heart with his cane.

I love the true meaning of Easter. Absolutely love it. I think it is a pretty thing to reflect on not only my Savior's death, but also his magnificent life which was dedicated to serving others and his Father. So let's get that in check. I am religious. I am in tune with my spirituality. 

Now I'll come out of the closet and say: I love a commercialized holiday. Yes, I am guilty. You may all gasp and think horrible thoughts about me now. I love them and Easter is no different. 

We all know that Easter has some of theeeeeee best candy out of all the holiday candy. You've got your Cadbury eggs, chocolate bunnies, Starburst jellybeans, Reese's eggs, and creme eggs. . .how can you go wrong? 

Plus, you get all of those treats in a cute arrangement, propped in a colorful basket with the fun grass inside that always makes a huge mess. 

Then there is the idea of a giant bunny sneaking into peoples' homes and hiding Easter eggs and bringing the baskets. What a far-fetched idea. I look back on my childhood and wonder how I was dumb enough to believe that one.

Also, the new Easter dress tradition. I'm a fan. My dress was just lovely. My whole family looked lovely for Easter Sunday (Brian too). Chloe even wore a big purple hat to church in honor of the holiday (no, I am not kidding).  

Oh, and the eggs. I am a big fan of the eggs. Dyeing Easter eggs is one of the most ingenious ideas ever! I can design them for hours on end and still be entertained. Then you get to hunt the colorful eggs. Talk about an egg-cellent time.

Besides just hunting eggs at my house, there is a bit of a twist. A motivation to want to find the most eggs. The Easter Bunny comes to our house and feels like throwing money around. Lucky us. There are prices written on our eggs. We actually get the amount of money that each egg is worth.
Hot dawg!

We aren't talkin' hefty prices here. Most of them are $1 eggs. There are a few that are $10. However, it still adds up. Then there is always one grand egg.
The egg every kid wants to find. 
The $100 egg.
One year it was in a bag of cotton in my mom's sewing supplies, once it was in the ice cream bucket, another time in the ice dispenser, once it was even in a hole out in our yard. This year it was buried within the jar of peanut butter. Who digs into the peanut butter to find an egg?

Needless to say, my darn brother found it. He finds the prized egg every year. Every single year. He turns into an animal. He even clawed me this year while trying to get a $10 egg from me. He doesn't even care that I am a starving college student with a flip phone that most kids my age had in middle school. Mr. 'I Have Two Ipod Touches' still made the bank in the Easter egg hunt. Lexi found an egg that was minus $100. Poor kid. That was a new one. I guess I should just learn to be content like Chlo though. She only found four eggs and she went downstairs after the hunt and ate them all. 

Another Easter has passed and it was very good to me indeed. I hope Brian enjoyed spending it at my house. He probably thinks we're a bit crazy, with all the hype about holidays and such. But he got candy out of it. And come to find out, he is quite the egg artist. He created one with a devil on it. A deviled egg. Get it? 

Enjoy some pictures from the weekend:

I forgot the other plus of Easter. You learn loads of creative recipes involving boiled eggs. Good thing I love me some eggs!     

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