Monday, May 2, 2011

Thrifting Machine

One man's junk is another man's treasure.

I found this to be extremely true, especially while thrift shopping for clothes.

I recently started reading a book called Green is the New Black. Some of it was slightly irritating (because I find the whole 'being green is in style so I am suddenly going to turn into an environment conscious person cuz it's cool' thing slightly irritating). However, there are many helpful tips in the book for using sustainability in your dress, which I am a fan of. I love getting clothes for cheap and I also love keeping certain articles of clothes long enough that they are back in style after the passing of a few years.

So in all my thriftiness, I decided to take a day and go shopping at good ol' Deseret Industries with some of my gal friends. We had an awesome time! Happy to say, we all made some great purchases. I made way too many purchases however. We are talking I carried a mountain of clothes out of the place.

However, the whole mountain only cost me $30. At other stores, you can't even get a whole outfit for $30.

Check out my new treasures:

Treasure #1: Hippie Dress
 My lovely cousin, Megan, pulled this dress off a hanger and begged me to try it on. She shoved it into my arms exclaiming that it reminded her of my style. I looked at the long, ugly green thing and thought to myself, "So you're telling me you think my style sucks. ." However, I told her I would try it on and maybe get a laugh out of it.
Don't ever judge something before you try it on, because it can look completely different when on the body. This was the case with the hippie dress. I put it on and fell in love. I am crazy about the bead work and it fits me nicely too.

Treasure #2: My MoTab Dress 

 Don't pay attention to the fact that you can completely see through this dress. I'll fix that for when I go out in public. Brian despises this dress, which only makes me want to wear it more. He says it looks like I am in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Who knows, maybe it once was a part of the choir. That is the wonderful part about thrift shopping. Each article of clothing already had a past owner, which leaves a story attached to the clothing. It is glorious, really. I was excited about the color of this dress, the vintage buttons in the front, and the belt. I'm gonna make it cute. Just wait, it'll grow on BWell.

#3: Sweet Girly Dress

 This dress is absolutely adorable when paired with leggings, a cardigan, and boots. Shay Baybay found this dress and thought I might like it. She was quite right. Quite right indeed. It makes me feel young and vibrant. Like a little school girl. Yeah for jump roping and playing four square!

#4: Grandpa Shorts
 I am a fan of the grandpa shorts. They have a high waist plus they are bright blue. Where does a girl go wrong, really? I will confess, I will have to get used to the way this gem fits. But the grandpa shorts shall make a fun summer staple. After all, who doesn't want to look like an old person?  

I went ahead and combined #5 and #6 for your pleasure.

#5: I Ride Wild Mustangs Blouse
 I almost didn't buy this blouse, which would have been a great shame. After all, it was only $3.00. This shirt makes me feel like a hardcore cowgirl. It even has shoulder pads. [No, I'm not kidding]. You can bet you will see me sporting this at all the summertime rodeos.

#6: Aztec Zigzag Skirt
This skirt is sa-weet! I like the way it fits, the colors, the fun shapes. Boy, I am excited to wear this out. I just can't resist a fun and comfortable skirt.

So as you can see, I went a little thrift shopping crazy. At least I went thrift shopping crazy and not Urban Outfitters shopping crazy. Much more kind to the wallet.

Randee, Megan, and Shayla: We must have another DI shopping date again soon. Pretty, pretty please.

So readers, do not fear thrift shopping. You really can find some treasures. Just make sure to run them through the washer and all will be very well.


  1. i LOVE thrifting!! you got some good finds girl!

  2. HELLO!! <------ this girl would not let ^ that girl wear anything that wasn't awesome ok?!?!? You look adorbs in that hippie dress! next time we go I really want to get grandpa shorts now cause yours are so cuteeeeee!

  3. Hey Kelsey, the grandpa shorts really made me chuckle - great description and now I REALLY hope to see you at rodeo time b/c I swear, if you wear that shoulder-padded number, I will pay you money :-). My favorite is the "sweet girly dress" - very cute. Now, you have to promise you'll show us the after 'surgery' pictures of these clothes. I'd really like to see what you do to the Mo-Tab dress too. Serious - the post surgery pictures are a must for me to be a believer.
    ps -- I live in an area with the coolest consignment shops ever, you'd be in heaven.


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