Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Job Without a Paycheck

So I realize that Mother's Day has come and gone, but I do not want to let it pass without paying all mothers a small tribute on my blog.

Up until just recently, I sometimes felt frustrated that I was expected to be a mother. I know that sounds awful. However, it's a big job. And I think I have this phobia of giving birth. I just can't think about it. Don't ask me how I'll keep myself distracted for 9 months when I'm pregnant, but I need to come up with a genius plan.

I will also admit that I am a bit of a selfish person. Good mothers are not selfish.

Sometimes I want all the glory. Upon coming to college, I dreamt of having an important job where I would make money and do totally awesome things. I imagined myself traveling the world, going into dangerous areas and covering important stories, and having my mom tell people all about it back at home. I still do dream about that at times.

Having kids would make it difficult to do something like the above.

So growing up, I sat in church and said I wanted nothing more than to be a mother when I grew up, even though I felt like I was half lying.

The past few months, a fire has ignited within me. I am no longer half lying when I say I want to be a mother. It is something I know I want to do and know I should do. I am so excited to have my own little ones. Although I am now excited about motherhood, Brian and I won't be having babies for a very long time. Go back above and read of my phobia of giving birth for further reference.

Some of my favorite women in the world, after all, are mothers. The list of these ladies could go on forever, but to save time, I will only be bragging about four of them.

Camille Keller

My pretty mother. She was my first best friend as I was her first baby.
I feel so blessed that I was sent to her loving arms. She has always been a wonderful mother to me, and a wonderful example of a lady. Just last week when I got pretty sick, Brian called her while I was taking my last final and told her that I needed her help. As I walked out of my final, I listened to a message from Brian telling me my mom was leaving Weston and heading to my rescue. Luckily, I had ran my tear ducts dry the night before or I would have started crying to her when she showed up. Still, I was so relieved to see her. She took me to the doctor and then helped me scrub my apartment clean. Growing up, she constantly worked with me so I would learn how to read at a young age and she always encouraged me to use my imagination. My mom is one of those women who know how to do just about anything (lucky me), so I can turn to her when I need help. Plus, her laugh is contagious. She laughs off things that most people get upset about. She has a gift of always seeing the bright side of things. If you want to be happy and giggle at plenty of things, I recommend hanging out with my mama. Plus, she has a great sense of style and sometimes we share clothes.

Tami Weller 

My soon-to-be-mother-in-law. I am so grateful for the woman she is and the influence she has in my life. Without her, I wouldn't be the happy girl I am with a wonderful boy by my side. It is obvious what kind of mother she is if you just put Brian by her. He dotes on her and loves her so much. I know that he would do anything for his mother. I know a big part of the way Brian is, is due to the kind of woman who raised him. Tami is one of the kindest women I have ever met. She is continually sacrificing to make others around her happy, even when it means a lot of work on her part. I often have noticed all the sweet acts of service she does for others. Because of her, other people go throughout their day a little bit happier, and I think that is such a lovely thing. She is also the type of person that can befriend anyone. She is so warm, outgoing, and animated. Every time I am in her presence, she manages to make me feel special. She is such a beautiful lady, inside and out.
And Tami, if you are reading this, thanks for letting me steal your son so often. I know he is a hard one to share, because he is great. Also, thank you for raising him to be the kind of man that I want to be with forever.

Karen Reeder

Grandma Reeder. Mother of my own mom.
Many people that have known my grandma have often mentioned that I am much like her in different ways. I have always taken this as a huge compliment. Grandma Reeder is eccentric, wise, fun-loving, and a social butterfly. I don't think there is a person that dislikes my grandma. Probably because she doesn't have a single mean bone in her body. She always encouraged me to be different, creative, and let my imagination soar. Thinking back on my childhood, I often remember nights at Grandma's when I begged her to tell me stories of her life, and she gladly told them. My grandma Reeder is a free spirit and she sees the world as other people can't see it. She has special eyes for noticing small and simple things. She has always been super supportive of everything I have done throughout life, as well. I think she made it to more of my high school sporting events than most kids' parents. While on the court warming up, I would wait for my classy grandma to walk in wearing her pretty scarf and fur coat, and she would always wave at me. She always told me that she wanted to be my #1 Fan. . .and that she is.

Sharon Keller 

The woman who raised my father.
One of the most incredible people I know.
Grandma Keller got married at a very young age and did not ever finish high school. Don't let that fool you though. I can honestly say, she is one of the smartest people I have ever met. She knows so much more than most college graduates I know. It probably comes from all the reading she does. This is a lady who has sacrificed her life in order to raise a family. And because of that, she has so many people who adore her. She is a small, happy lady who carries an air of simple beauty and class. She is a very hard worker. She doesn't often run off and play. You can find her in the kitchen or in the yard, and she still looks like a movie star while doing it. Grandma Keller also has a sense of adventure. My fondest childhood memory with her is going in search of caterpillars every summer that would later turn into monarch butterflies.
Grandma Keller is such an inspiration to me. Her example reminds me of how important my role of a woman is.    

“Motherhood is more than bearing children, though it is certainly that. It is the essence of who we are as women. It defines our very identity, our divine stature and nature, and the unique traits our Father gave us.”
                                                                                                                   -Sheri Dew

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