Monday, May 23, 2011

I Still Play Pretend

I, like many others, am growing sick of all this rain and yucky weather.
I, too, want summer. Badly.

I want sun warming my skin, I want tan lines, and I want shorts and sandals.
I want otter pops, I want to roll the windows down, and I want fresh fruit.
I want roasted hot dogs and mallows, I want swimming pools, and I want bare feet in the grass.
I want ice cold drinks, I want sleeping on the tramp, and I want early morning runs.

But wanting all these things and being grouchy because of the grey weather will not make the sun come out any sooner. So for now, I just play pretend.

I turn up the volume to my Mumford and Sons music. It is Irish music. For sure. The music makes you tap your foot and the lyrics are raw and deep. Then as I look around at the very green rolling hills, I don't feel so bad. Wispy clouds are hovering right above land, the mountains are engulfed by them. The air smells like fresh rain. I realize I am in a green, rainy dream and the fiddle keeps playing in the background.

I am in Ireland, folks. I have just changed my gloomy Idaho/Utah surroundings into Ireland. I am on vacation and I didn't even have to purchase a plane ticket. It's funny how my outlook on something can change everything.

It seems even more real when I make Brian talk to me in an Irish accent. Hopefully the rain passes in the next 9 days though. Because my pretend Irish man is leaving for South America for a month. I am so excited for him. You can bet the month of June I'll be spending some time pretending my new destination is South America. With him.

Yes, I still play pretend and I hope that I always will.

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