Thursday, May 26, 2011

When the Sun Comes Out. . .

people do crazy things. Like climb the face of a mountain. That is what my mom and I did yesterday morning.

We both thought, "What a lovely morning it is. Why stay cooped up in the house?"

Then my mom decided we should take a hike. I agreed. We discovered there are natural arches on the tip of the mountain behind our house. My mom decided we should go see them. I agreed. So we packed some water and candy bars and brought Ringo, our loyal dog, along with us for the adventure. Turns out we didn't know where we were going and finding the arches was not as easy as we had initially planned. So we just climbed. . .to an unknown destination.

We climbed through trees. We slid down piles of rock. We swatted at giant mosquitoes. We crawled on hands and knees up a cliff where I am pretty sure only deer had trod and snakes had slithered.

I think I will stick to hiking trails from now on.

Oh, and we also watched a snake eat a mouse. . .

My legs are a bit weak today, but we now have beautiful hand-picked bouquets of wildflowers in mason jars on the kitchen table. And I think Ringo is fully prepared to be lazy for a few days. That poor dog. He never knows what he is getting himself into.  

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  1. Cute!!!! That snake, mouse thing is disgusting. Why would you guys go on a hike? I wouldn't even pick wild flowers today up dry canyon. I sat in the car the whole entire time. It was boring! Love You!


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