Monday, May 16, 2011

Finest Hour

Over the weekend, I watched Apollo 13. Great movie.

There was a part in the movie that really jumped out at me.

Back at NASA headquarters, scientists are bustling about preparing for the astronauts to pass back through the earth's atmosphere. They are so close to getting the astronauts back home, but now there is a likely chance that the atmosphere will end up burning the astronauts right up and they'll  hit the ocean going at speeds that no one could survive.

The head honcho of NASA is there and he begins to shake his head and look at the floor. As he is looking down in shame, he says, "This is going to be the biggest disaster ever known to NASA."

Then the director of the mission (and possibly my favorite character) turns around from what he is doing and stares at his boss.
Then he says, "With all due respect sir, I believe this is going to be our finest hour."

He was right. It was their finest hour. All three astronauts lived.

Then I got thinking about how attitude determines all outcomes of any situation. The worst of situations can be turned into the most inspirational if the right attitudes are shown.

Then I asked myself,
What is my perspective? How is my attitude? What do I need to change?

In the face of a trial, I want to be able to say it will be my finest hour, rather than think the trial will result in disaster. I can allow certain things to destroy me, or I can allow them to make me stronger.
I am ready to develop the type of attitude that will allow me to have more fine hours in my life.

Trials make a bird's wings strong, so that they may learn to fly.

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