Tuesday, May 3, 2011

That Sweet 17

Today was my little brother's 17th birthday.
In order to make him feel loved, I will give him the same special treatment I gave Bri Guy.

So here are 17 random facts off the top of my head about Ronnie Jace Keller.

Drum roll please.

1. Jace was the most adorable little blonde haired child. He was a momma's boy and he couldn't pronounce his r's. His speech impediment was even more of a joy since his favorite animal was a 'hewmit cwab'. 

2. Jace finds happiness in arguing with people. He will sometimes argue just to argue. It makes sense that he wants to be a lawyer someday. 

3. Adults totally admire Jace. I have heard several moms go on about how they want their daughters to marry/date the boy. 

4. Jace has missed me a lot since I moved out. He never comes straight out and says it, but he implies it plenty. 

5. Jace and I spent many summers side by side, acting as slaves for our father. He put us to work doing the most ridiculous chores. Although I hated it at the time, I look back and am grateful now. During those long, hot hours in the sun is when my relationship with Jace really blossomed. We had many a deep talk or sometimes just venting sessions about how ridiculous the chore at hand was. 

6. Jace usually has an eye for style. He is a bit of an American Eagle addict though. He might as well just model for them. He owns their whole men's collection. 

7. Jace is a hoarder. He collects weird junk. Once it was Jones soda bottles, another time it was water bottles. When he was younger, my mom discovered a drawer full of old crab leg shells. Gross. Oober gross. He apparently snuck them home after every outing to Red Lobster. 

8. Jace has a bad habit of mumbling or not wanting to talk sometimes. 

9. Jace plays Guitar Hero on expert. 

10. Jace is one of the strongest and most determined people I know. He had a pretty nasty injury about a year ago and he's just coming back from it. Just in time for track season. I know his ankle sometimes still hurts, but he never complains. I never heard him complain during the course of his injury either. I would not have been able to maintain the attitude he has if put in his shoes. 

11. To add to the previous point, Jace broke over 8 bones throughout his foot, ankle, and leg while pole vaulting at track districts last year. He is back at it this year, working on qualifying for state in pole vault. Can you believe he is not even afraid to compete again? I would be. 

12. Jace is the genius of the family. He got a 30 on his ACT and wasn't even excited. We're talkin' he glanced at the score, threw it to the side, and was irritated about it the rest of the day. You can bet I would have been jumping up and down with glee if I 'd have gotten a 30 on the ACT. 

13. Jace has the worst taste in movies. No offense, Jace. His favorites are the really dumb ones that are supposed to be funny. Jace laughs at them in all their stupidity. 

14. Jace was always a little guy for his age. He was always smaller and weaker than me, and I always beat him up in every fight we ever had. Ha suddenly hit a growing spurt and is now quite tall. Much taller than me. Yet still weaker and I can still beat him up. 

15. Jace has a huge heart. It is one of my favorite things about him. 

16. When Jace was small, we teased him and said, "Ronnie Jace has a funny face." 

17. Jace is the biggest Beatles fan I have ever had the privilege of knowing. 

So, there you have it. Happy Birthday, Jace. I hope it was great! You better wear the nice looking button-up I purchased for you. You'll make it look good. 17 is a great year. One of my favorites out of the 20 years I have now been alive. Good luck on elections this week, my dear boy.    

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