Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not Exactly Camera Shy

79 days until I marry Brian.
2 days ago we had engagement pictures taken.
It was an absolute blast!
Melanie Gunnell took our pictures. You can check her blog out by just clicking here!
She does some amazing work and she's such a fun, bubbly, energetic person.

I have been excited about getting pictures taken basically since Brian proposed. Brian was a super good sport about all the picture uproar too, and honestly I think he liked it all just as much as I did (if not more). We carefully planned our outfits, gathered props and were determined to not have the regular, every day engagement photos. You know, the ones where the couple smiles and the girl elegantly sets her left hand on the man's chest to show off her ring?

I think we pulled off what we wanted. I am already antsy to see the outcome. But patient I will be! Just to get someone excited (even if that someone is only me) our pictures involved:

Sidewalk chalk creations, pretending to be in a different time era, old suitcases, train tracks, my great grandmother's dress, Brian wearing suspenders, chasing Canadian geese, Brian serenading me with Ginger the guitar, cuddling in colorful quilts, kissing behind our favorite book, and almost getting eaten by the biggest beast of a dog I have ever laid eyes on.
Who knew there was some kind of top secret junk yard right behind Cafe Sabor? A junk yard so secret and important that it was being guarded by two doberman demons. If you aren't a praying person, have a doberman run at you with nothing but a suitcase to shield you from those teeth of fury. Then I bet you offer up some type of a prayer. Unless you are like our photographer who just turned and tried to make friends with the dog, of course.

Any ways, we had quite the adventure getting pictures taken. It was a fun filled evening for sure. Now I can't wait for bridals and groomals to be taken (Brian thought I made up that they were groomals as an insult or something). The fun just doesn't stop!

Oh, and to add to the adventure, we ended our fun evening with dinner at Olive Garden. Where I awkwardly locked the keys in the van. We got them out luckily, pretty easily. Plus, I think I deserve a reward since I hadn't done that for almost a solid year. My freshman year of college, I basically had made friends with the campus police thanks to the many times I succeeded at locking myself out of my vehicle.

And just to let you know how much we love taking pictures, here's one for you to enjoy from last weekend after being good church-going children:  



  1. I'm going to miss this man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh Darn he can't leave!

  2. He'll be back. It's just for a month. :)


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