Sunday, May 15, 2011

Little Bird Turns One Year Old

My blog turned one last week.

A Little Bird is a WHOLE whopping year old.
In honor of the special occasion, I bought a slice of cheesecake and enjoyed every bite.
Just to make your mouth water. Cheesecake must be the dessert of angels.

I also gave the blog a birthday makeover. I sketched the header with a pencil and colored the bird and nest with a Q-tip and some ink. Yeah, I'm sure not an artist. If I could choose to be blessed with any talent I don't have. . .I would probably choose to be able to create art. How would it be to see something beautiful and have the ability to recreate it on paper? I wish I knew.

Any ways, I just wanted to take a moment and thank all my readers. Thanks to my 49 followers and also, thank you to the many who just read in secret. However, secrets are overrated, so feel free to push the follow button if you have a second of your life to spare for me. A smile creeps onto my face with every new follower I realize I have. It really does mean so much to me knowing there are a few people who take time to read my thoughts and ramblings. My hope is to one day have the right to call myself a writer. 

So here is to year two in the blogging world. Maybe by the second birthday I'll have enough blogging wisdom to do a giveaway. But no promises.  


  1. I adore your new header! Happy Birthay dear blog!

  2. Ha ha, thank you so much. I was proud of it. Kind of in the way that a six year old is proud of the art project they made at school. It's cool.


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