Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And So It Begins. . .

I told myself that I wouldn't discuss wedding stuff on my blog.

I lied to myself.

It really is just such an exciting time though, and I want to share a bit of what I've already thought about and prepared. I think it is so exciting because this is the first time I have ever thought about my wedding. I didn't even know wedding colors existed until about last year. I thought wedding dresses were all the same. White. So of course, for someone new to all the wedding hoopla, this can all be a bit overwhelming. But I don't want to be overwhelmed. I do not understand the people that go on about how being engaged is 'the worst' or 'so stressful'. I don't understand how women can turn into bridezillas. I guess I haven't been engaged long, but still, I think it should be a period of time filled with anticipation and excitement.

The things I have prepared thus far, have been so much fun. I think it helps that I have never envisioned how my wedding should be. I have no high expectations. I know that it will be wonderful no matter what. I don't want to be picky or dwell on the little things that don't matter so much. I want to dwell on what matters. I want to dwell on Brian. I want to dwell on putting the beginning of what will be 'our life' together. I want to grow closer to my aunts, moms, and other women in my life as we bring our crafty brains together for this fun wedding. I want to dwell on being happy and feeling complete. So there it is. If in the future I turn into bridezilla, direct me to this blog post.

Last week, with the help of my wonderful mom, the wedding planning began. I feel like we are already off to a good start. And with 4 months to prepare, we should be in good shape. We started off by booking the place where the wedding celebration will take place. We are NOT having a reception. Standing for several hours, shaking peoples' hands does not sound like a good time to me. And we want to have a good time!! We are having a celebration. A party, if you will. Every time someone asks about the reception, I correct them and say party. So don't be offended if it happens to you. However, I am very excited about where the party will be taking place. It is the most magical place in all of Logan (besides USU).

We booked their livery stable. I think once we decorate it with some lanterns, twinkling lights, and country decorations, it will be like a dream. Also, three hours worth of wagon rides are included in the package. So get this: our guests will arrive, park, and then get in a wagon which will take them to the party. Marvelous? I think so!

Also, if you have never paid a visit to The American West Heritage Center, you most definitely should. Actually, next week is their 'Baby Animal Days' celebration. Click *here* for a schedule of events. There are adorable baby animals that you'll be able to pet as well, including a baby bear.

Here are a few pics from last year's celebration:

On another note, the hunt for the dress began. My mom and I went to the few dress shops around Logan, just for fun. We were just browsing but turns out, I found the type of dress I am almost certain I want. . .

Also, I know I don't want a veil. Nothing against people that wear veils, I just don't like them much. Besides, I think one would look weird with my short hair. I would rather have something less fancy and stuffy than a veil and something more fun and vibrant. Like a crown of flowers. . .

I am open to ideas, advice, and opinions from others! Like I said, I'm new to this stuff.


  1. Girl! Wedding PARTIES at AWHC rock my socks. I used to work for Hamilton's Catering and we did a few there. They're so fun and turn out gorgeous!!

  2. Kelsey! i love this. and i think a "party" is perfect. that is what i did too!


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