Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back To Real Life

I am back to the world of blogging. I have much to blog about and little time to do so. I feel like I'm running behind with everything in my life. The extra sad part of this is, I just got back from spring break. You would think after having a week off, I would be cruising through life stress-free.
Speaking of spring break. It was. . .splendid. Amazing. Unforgettable. I would go on another cruise in a heartbeat. The ship was like its very own city on the water. I found myself wanting to interview all the workers and find out their life story. I wanted to know everything about the ship and how they carried things out. I may just have to do some research on cruises in the future. Perhaps I'll HAVE to go on another cruise in order to really get my research done. Ha ha!
I also loved Mexico. The little towns we toured were the sweetest.
Besides the cruise, the food, the sun, and the beaches. . . .another wonderful thing happened to me during spring break.
My pal, Mr. Brian Weller, proposed to me in the sand and sun of Cabo San Lucas. It was a dream. A dream come true. We have now been engaged a week, but people have just been finding out. It was difficult to let anyone know while we were on international waters, so turns out we had a bit of a secret engagement for a few days. Exciting, right?
I have decided the best way to do my trip justice, is to write a blog entry for each day we were on the cruise. I won't blog about the days we traveled to get there, just the days on the ship.
Yes, this means you will have to wait for Day 4 of my trip to hear the whole proposal story.


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