Sunday, March 20, 2011

Scooters, Tacos, and Flea Markets

Day 3. Monday.

Monday. A day of excitement. We woke up early to prepare for our departure from the ship. We had made it to our first stop. The beautiful Cabo San Lucas. It was strange to walk on deck and see land around us, since I had grown used to being surrounded by nothing but sky and water.

The time finally came for us to get on a ferry and head for land.

Reaching land resulted in being bombarded by Mexican folk, wanting us to give them business. We tried our best to walk past and ignore them as they shouted prices our way. There was one man who was very persistent with us though. He had a deal on a boat tour and snorkeling. When he announced his very reasonable price, we all stopped in our tracks. We had wanted to go snorkeling our second day in Cabo, so this seemed to be perfect. Lucky for us, Brian speaks fluent Spanish. He went to the man and started speaking to him in words we couldn't understand. After a moment, Brian turned to us and said that we had a deal with him to go snorkeling tomorrow. Brian then asked the man if he knew anyone that rented out scooters.

Lucky for us, again, the man had a friend that rented out scooters. So we followed him a couple blocks to his friend. Within minutes, the scooters were ours for five whole hours. I even got hooked up with a fancy helmet. Pink with a unicorn on the back. Riding the streets of Cabo in style.

I felt so free and cultured just roaming deep into the heart of Cabo. Away from the extreme tourist part of the city and into the authenticity of it. Rushing through traffic, my arms tight around Brian, as we passed colorful shops and smells of spicy food, I couldn't help thinking I was the luckiest girl.

Before finding some good flea markets, we hit up the beach.

After washing the sand from our feet, we hopped on our scooters and headed back into town. I picked up a great amount of souvenirs. Boy, do I love Mexican shopping! I started out not doing my own bartering. When I was in China Town in NYC a couple years back, I found out I was lacking in the bartering area. So for a while, Brian spoke in Spanish and got me some deals. After a while, I decided to stop being pathetic and try my own bartering. Turns out, I'm not half bad. Brian lost track of me (or I lost track of him) while bartering for some bracelets. Once the man wouldn't go down any lower, I just started walking away. Then he called out for me to not leave and gave me the deal I wanted. Brian showed up shortly after and the man told him,

"She's a tough customer."

Is it bad that I was proud of myself?

To say the least, I already miss the way you shop in Mexico. A lot. No more of this:

"Hey pretty lady! I offer you good deal! Twenty dollar. That a good price."

"Um, how about twelve dollars?"



"K, k. Twelve dollar."

I picked up five bracelets and a gorgeous amber ring. Plus a Mexican Coke. . .which I enjoyed very much.

Before turning our scooters in and heading back to the ship, we made sure to eat some authentic Mexican food.

Best sweet pork taco I've ever had in my life. Sorry Cafe Rio, you were put to shame.

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