Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hair: My Love-Hate Relationship

My hair. I love it and I hate it.

It's thick. It's frizzy. It's dry. It has a wild mind of its own. It needs to be pampered. It demands expensive shampoo and conditioner which makes me cringe.

I have this habit of wanting to change my hairstyle basically on a weekly basis. Whether I want to cut it or color it.

Sadly. . . .my hair does not take color well and it grows slower than the Aggie shuttle trying to drive up Old Main Hill.

I have been working hard on growing it out. Not too long. I just was shooting for an asymmetrical bob. I was loving the length, but now I am missing my short, spunky hair. I feel as my hair grows longer, I am blending in more and more with the hundreds of other average hairstyle girls. That is just not me. I like having hair that stands out a bit. I like having hair that people either love or they think it looks horrible. Yes, I love extremes! I would rather have people notice my hair and think it looks absurd than have no one notice my hair at all. Plus, I think I am just a short haired kind of girl. So in a frenzy last night, I turned to my dear friend, Google images, and found a breath of fresh air.

Feedback? Should I chop it?


  1. Love this hairstyle and it would look way good on you! I say go for it! (:

  2. Wow! I can't believe you're getting this opinion from the guys. I thought you guys always preferred the long hair. Kels, you could be bald and still be beautiful, but then again, I am your mother. Love ya!

  3. Thanks guys! I'll give it a couple weeks and really think about it. It is way tempting. It would be fun for sure!

  4. weird that that says Trevin... it was me, Randee haha. He looks like a fem now. lol

  5. Ha ha ha. Randee, I kind of figured it was you. I couldn't imagine Trevin giving me input on what to do with my hair.

    Dallin, she's hot but I'll just have her hair. Not the whole package.

  6. Kelsey Please, Please No!!!! Here comes the deal yes if you get engaged!! I'm really ready for this big day!!

  7. It would be such a fun summer look! But... if wedding bells are ringing in the future maybe hold off? ;)


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