Monday, February 28, 2011

The Adventures of Dick and Jane

I think it is due time for another funny 'Chloe story'. Perhaps if I write enough of these, I can compile them into a book and give it to her when she grows up to be a young lady. Then she can be embarrassed.

Hopefully this funny story will brighten your Monday. Not that Mondays are all that bad. Poor Monday just has a bad reputation is all. I actually like my Mondays. They are my easiest school day of the week.

My dad was the only witness to this certain story, so I will tell it to the best of my abilities. Also, to some people the story might be a bit crude. Not really though. Plus, you must remember, we are dealing with the innocent mind of an eight year old here.

Chloe was doing her nightly reading as part of her homework. She had gone through her timings and her math, so now she was left to read her book in order to get a parents' initials on her calendar. Mom was not home that evening, so Dad was held responsible to make sure Chlo finished her homework. Dad decided it would be a good idea to have Chloe read her library book out loud to him. So they nestled themselves by the fire to read a book together. How precious. Chloe began to read, without having problems pronouncing any words.

Suddenly, Chloe stopped mid-sentence. Dad was alarmed and wondered if Chloe had came to a difficult word.

"Do you need help," Dad asked.

Chloe's already big eyes had grown even bigger as she peered up at Dad. She slowly shook her head no, that she did not need help.

"Well, what's wrong then? Why don't you keep reading?"

Chloe whispered, as if telling a secret to Dad, "I am not supposed to say that word."

Dad was confused.

"It's a bad word, Dad. I can't say it."

Dad knew this could not be so. There would not be any bad words in a children's book. Sure that Chloe was mistaken, Dad prompted Chloe to tell him what the 'bad word' was.

Chloe's cheeks turned pink and with a guilty face she softly said, "It says Dick."

Dad could not hold back his laughter. He then comforted Chloe by explaining to her that Dick was the boy's name, so in this story it was not bad.

Don't ask me how Chloe knew dick was not a nice word. I'm still trying to figure that one out.


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