Monday, February 7, 2011

My Saturday-Sunday With a Cherry On Top.

My waste basket was filling up quickly with toilet paper. Toilet paper from the whole roll that Brian had brought me to wipe tears and snot off my face. My week had been, sad to say, lousy. I had been slightly off all week and I felt overwhelmed with stress, and Friday night was now treating me with a splitting headache.

"I---hate---crying," I gasped through tears. Brian just patted my back and continued to let me cry. I do not cry often for myself like this. It is a rarity. But let's just say when it rains, it pours.

I then decided I just wanted to go to sleep. Brian tucked me in. That is, after him and Shayla had brought me Ben & Jerry's. As Brian shut my door, I called to him from my lump of blankets,

"Brian? Tomorrow when I wake up, will you go on an adventure with me?"

He smiled and answered yes, not to worry, it would be a new day.

Our adventures together are my favorite.

Weekends are also my favorite.

Sometimes. . .weekends are just what a person needs.

They can be healing, like some sort of magical medicine.

They can be a real treat.

They can be a nice break, just enough to catch my breath.

Saturday morning, I woke up and got to work with things that needed to be done. Lesson for church, laundry, some homework. Then noon came, and I was hungry.

So Brian took me to lunch at the cutest Thai place.

I would love to go to Thailand one day, so I was excited to try their food out. One of mine and Bri's favorite things is to try new and random places to eat. Especially food that isn't American. I can pretend for a moment that I am in a different part of the world. You can bet that I pretended as we ate the lunch buffet.

Then, I went to the most magical store on earth. It is one I could stay in for hours if a person would let me.

That store is Borders.

The instant we walked through the doors, a feeling of calm peace washed over me. I seriously stood there and closed my eyes, and took a big whiff of the wonderful smells of Borders. The scent of paper mixed with coffee and pastries filled my nostrils. I was in heaven.

I decided buying a book would be my fix. But just one book. That's all a girl like me can afford. Do you have any idea what a challenge it was?

I had a stack of books to select from. Bad news. I would be walking, and a cover would just catch my eye. So I would run my hand across it and feel the story within it screaming, "Read me! Read me!"

I finally narrowed it down to two choices: The Time Traveler's Wife or Wicked.

Which one did I choose?

Walking out of Borders, I was a happy girl, but little did I know, the adventure of our Saturday was just beginning.

Dallin Webb (I call him Dal Pal because he secretly loves it) informed Brian and I that we could go to the Jazz game with him if we wished. We wished yes. So we went. Five of us crammed into a tiny car and drove to Salt Lake. We made it right as the game was starting. Best part? We sat in the sky box. Between sitting above everything and having never ending amounts of free food, I was on cloud nine. The Jazz played awful and got pounded, but I could have cared less. I went to a Jazz game for free and got free dinner, spice cake, and pop corn as well and that was all that mattered. And I got in free all on account of pretending I was interested in selling pest control in the summer.

Then of course, Sunday brought the Superbowl. I have always considered the Superbowl a holiday. Brian and I ventured to Idaho, where we were welcomed by my family and lots of snacks.

To sum up my feelings on the Superbowl:

  • I was happy the Packers won.

  • Christina Aguilera really needs to learn the words to her country's National Anthem.

  • BEP are not the best live singers, but they know how to entertain an audience.

  • I aspire to be one of their dancers and wear a glowing costume.

  • I do not feel that the Pack's QB deserved the MVP award.


  1. So... I'm a friend of Megan's and I just happend to blog hop into you and decided you needed a warning. Wicked is not a very good book. There are some scenes with some decent scandal in them. I made it about 100 pages before I decided enough is enough. You may enjoy it though. I don't know you so I wouldn't know. Also, Time Traveller's Wife is possibly the worst. Book. Ever. Never read that one. Foul language, terrible sexual scenes and it's just gross. Nothing at all like the movie. Steer clear babe. :)

  2. Oh shoot... I feel like I just rained on your happy blog post. Sorry. Everything else was super great!

  3. Dido on the weekends thing, the Borders thing, the Christina thing and the BEP thing. Dido on everything!

  4. Dear Samantha,

    Thanks for the warning on The Time Traveler's Wife. I won't read it. I started reading Wicked in high school, but couldn't finish because of the scandalous parts, but I liked the story itself. So I decided to give Wicked a second chance. We'll see how it goes :).


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