Friday, February 11, 2011

Five Feel Goods

Yay for yet another wonderful weekend!

I spent most of my weekend at Bear Lake for a leadership retreat. For what you ask? My new job as an A-Team member at Utah State University. We help out with new student orientation, basically to sum it up. Saturday night, Trevin and Randee invited D, Brian, and myself over for pizza and games. We then went to USU's Mardi Gras party. The Mardi Gras was not near as good as last year's, but there was an amazing mentalist there who made it all worth going.

Wanna know five things that are making me feel pretty good?

Remember that rug I wanted back in this post:

Well, my dad called me the other day to tell me he was buying it for me!! He said he loved me and wanted to buy me a Valentine present. I love that guy. He tries to act tough, but he actually has a huge, soft heart. I am excited about the rug, but I was more thrilled when I saw that it was his work number calling me while I was sitting in my dress and humanities class.

Oh, and he is smiling all awkward like this just to drive me crazy.

I caved and bought this:

and this:

They are from PacSun. I am usually not a huge PacSun fan, but their spring things in the window totally caught my eye. The dress looks much cuter than this picture makes it look, just so you know.

I have been in love with Valentine treats lately.

However, I have never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day itself. It was cool in grade school when we made the fun boxes out of cardboard and paper. I just can't help but be disgusted with it at times. We need a day to celebrate love? Shouldn't that be celebrated every day? I do love the treats though. I wish I had time to make all the cute treats I have came across. Maybe I will in years to come.

I have a new headband that puts a smile on my face. . .and something cute on my head as well.

Thanks to my sister, Lexi, for making it for me! Check out her other cute hair accessories here. Did I mention she is only twelve?

I super love this movie. . .

I plan on watching it tonight with Brian. It was his idea. It is one of the best mushy love movies I have ever taken the time to watch.


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