Friday, February 4, 2011

Five Feel Goods

This week has been slightly miserable. I won't lie, and try to make it sound like it was cheery and grand. There is just nothing cheery or grand about a -6 degree wind chill. Boo Mother Nature! You moody woman!

Logan has been unbearably cold this week.

School has been unbearably busy.

I have basically collapsed into my bed every night, excited to go to sleep.

I have also been a bit more negative this week than I usually am, and I don't like it. Not one bit. So hopefully, finding some wonderful things from the week that have made me smile, will do me some good :). One thing that makes me smile is that. . .TODAY IS FRIDAY!! Plus it is Super Bowl weekend, which I look forward to every year. Here it goes. Five feel goods. . .

Valentine gift to myself? I think yes! I know I go a little bird/owl overboard sometimes, but you have to admit that this t is adorable. Plus it is only $16, which is within my budget. Check it out at Zumiez. I haven't been into that store since I was an Avril/Good Charlotte lovin' middle school kid. I think it is due time to visit again.

I haven't had much spare time this week, but I have been so darn tempted to watch my seasons of Samantha Who which are hiding away in my closet. I actually had time to pull them out and watch one episode. I loved every minute of it. I find the humor in this show hilarious. Some of the goofy things she says, I can totally see myself saying. Except. . .I don't have amnesia like her. I am still upset that they only made two seasons. Christina Applegate, why did you have to go and get breast cancer on us?

I purchased this fedora hat from delias about a month ago. Just fyi, this store is one of my faves. They have cute stuff, so check it out, girlies! I got this hat in anticipation for my cruise in a month. I took one look at it and thought Mexico. I was planning on putting it away until then, but I caved. This morning, I pulled it from its hiding spot in my closet, and put it on my head. I'm glad I did though. It automatically cheered me up a little.

Lately, I have been going against the "seasonal trend" in the nail polish world. I love my classy brown and black polish, but it was just getting old. It was making me feel more dreary added on top of the gross weather. So I ripped out my neon summer colors. I am in love with my Sally brand, green polish. It's called "green with envy" if you want to try it out. I will warn you, it's bright! I love it though. It's like a bit of summer time, hanging from my fingertips. Literally.

I gave up on getting the actual video on here, but if you have some time, click on the link and watch this video. It is called "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On". It is absolutely ridiculous, but I find it really funny. Most people probably think it's pretty dumb, but I like it. I have probably watched it twenty times this week. It is the best to watch later at night when you are feeling slightly delirious. That's when it gets REALLY hilarious! Thanks to Rachel Ruppert for introducing me to wonderful Marcel the Shell.

I feel better about life already. Now it is due time to eat a healthy ham and lettuce wrap for lunch, and then perhaps make a stop at the mall to see if my valentine gift to myself is in stock.

Happy weekend, ya'll.


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