Thursday, September 20, 2012

And the Trees are Stripped Bare of All They Wear

"How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days." 
-John Burroughs

Don't mind Ringo totally photo bombing this picture by marking his territory in the background. . 

The first official day of autumn is this coming Saturday. I fully plan on spending the day outdoors, welcoming this sweet season into my life and begging it to stay as long as it would like. It never stays long enough.

Although it is not officially fall yet, I have seen signs of her presence. She's waiting patiently in the mountains for summer to pack her bags and go.

 On Sunday, we went to my parents' to have dinner. After stuffing ourselves with my dad's delicious homemade french fries, I excitedly suggested we take a ranger ride up Dry Canyon road and along the mountain to search for the signs of fall. The signs were easy to spot up there. Fall came early to my parents' house. Fall is my very favorite time in that small Idaho town, so I'm glad I got to enjoy a piece of it on Sunday. Brian, my mom, Chloe, and I ended up going on the ride. Oh, and let's not forget everyone's favorite dog, Ringo. He came too, licking our faces the entire time. We picked bouquets of leaves that burned bright with orange and spotted several flighty deer (the majority were bucks too for all you avid hunters).

Fall always overwhelms me with its beauty. The fresh mountain air, the vivid colors, and the grey skies were just what I needed this weekend to refocus. I enjoy all the beauties this world has to offer, but my favorites can always be found in the mountains.


  1. These pictures are stunning. I recently moved from Utah to Florida. I long for the Beauty of fall, the rich colors or leaves, the crisp air, and cool breeze. I am so jealous. Thank you for posting. It helps me feel a little bit of home.

  2. i love that quote and this post! i miss utah...i live in CA now but luckily it's beautiful here as well! that little girl is DARLING. we are your newest followers..follow back if you'd like! xo

    1. It is beautiful in California! We are planning on visiting the Bay area in a month. Utah is beautiful but I'll be envying you California and Florida dwellers when February rolls around ;). And that little girl is my sister. I think she's pretty dang cute.

      Thank you for commenting and following!


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