Monday, November 26, 2012


I feel like the little snow storm we had a few weeks back was nothing but a tease. The snow that fell flirted with my heart and then let me down when it melted away by the late afternoon.

Well, I'm ready for you snow. I want to go walking in a winter wonderland. And build a snowman in the meadow. Just like in the song. But I won't let any kiddies knock him down.

I want to experience a pounding. I want it to snow so much that I'm afraid to leave my house, so I'll just stay in and read a book by the light of the Christmas tree instead. I want to make snow angels. I want to go sledding until my toes are completely numb. Then I want to sit by the fireplace and wiggle the feeling and warmth back into my toes. I want the trees to be frosty. And I want to stand in a flurry of snowflakes and make a Christmas wish on each one.

I know many people that hate the snow. I know it can be cold and scary to drive in, but it really is so beautiful. Does anyone else out there dream of a White Christmas? What will you do when it snows? And if you live somewhere that the snow doesn't fall, what things do you do to create a winter wonderland of your own?

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