Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gratitude Journal: Laughter

I love laughing. Even though I'm famous for having an overpowering, squeal-type laugh and it sometimes ends up embarrassing me, I still love to do it.

 picture circa 2 Christmases ago

Therefore, I'm thankful for things that make me laugh. Like the story that made the front page of my town's newspaper yesterday.

Headline: "Police Called After Smithfield Paperboy Chased Up Tree By Goat" 

And if you want to know the whole story (which believe me, you really really do), watch this video that ran on KSL Channel 5 last night. I've already watched it about five times in the last three hours. I die laughing every time. One of those times, I was in a computer lab on campus. A boy next to me kept glancing at me like I was obnoxious. I probably was being obnoxious too, but he just didn't understand. I should have showed him what I was watching to make him understand.

This town I reside in rocks. And now more than anything I just want to meet Voldemort the goat and tell him thanks for chasing kids around, because it really made my day. I hope it makes yours too!

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