Thursday, November 22, 2012

Instagrams & Milk

 Wellsville Mountains
 Pink lips 
morning snow
 My snuggle buddy when BWell is away
 temple trip with my mom 
 peppermint hot cocoa 
 watching my sister ball it up
 crunchy leaf throwing 
 Luna can't take her eyes off the bird in the tree
 Love my guy 
 Got my bling cleaned 
 Cold Stone date
 Hostess outlet purchases
winter wonderland at the cabin  
 a stiff arm from shooting the USU men's basketball game. At least I got to be right on the court! 
 craftastic sweatshirts made with my lovely cousin
 running holiday errands
 breakfast in bed from a good boy
 picture collage on our coffee table 
 handmade bridal shower invites 
 Luna the creeper 
 Aggie Kitchen cooking segment. It took 3 hours to make brownies and get the necessary shots. 
 a message left on my desktop 
gobble gobble 

Happy Thanksgiving, folks! We are with my parents here in sweet Idaho. After staying up late whipping up pies last night, we all decided to sleep in this morning. Now I'm off for a family run and then it's time to make rolls. Oh, yum! I hope you all enjoy this day. May you be surrounded by all things and people that you are grateful for. 

Sorry for the photo overload. Speaking of photo overload, I'm apparently running out of picture space on my blogger. So I'm turning to you experts. . .what do I do? Do I have to start paying for additional picture space or is there some sly action I can take to avoid doing so? I really don't want to pay if I don't have to. 

Well, that's it. Username on instagram is @mrskellwell. Feel free to give me yours too because I do adore looking at pretty pictures. Now go on. Eat, drink, and be merry. 

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  1. Your photo capacity is associated with your Google profile and your Picasa photo albums. As you load photos via blogger, it stores them in your Picasa photo albums and there is only so much space available. You have a few options:

    Use a different google account and get more space that way (I think this works)

    Delete old photos off your Picasa account which would, in turn, delete these photos off your blog

    Buy more space

    The way that I keep blogger from yelling at me now is reducing the size of my photo files. I ended up just deleting old photos because I don't care about posts that are several years old but to each their own.

    Good luck.


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