Thursday, November 1, 2012

Instagrams & Milk: Weekend in SF

I think I already need another weekend vacation. However, that is just not possible or reasonable. So I will just squeeze every bit of life out of our road trip to San Francisco. . .starting with my Instagram pictures from our journey.

 Our first night in Reno. With the fuzzy white lamp. We named it Lamb Chops.

 Crossing Bay Bridge into the city!

 On the ferry, headed over to Alcatraz

 An exhibit of inmates' art which made me a tad bit emotional.

 "Ah ah ahhhh ah, whatever happened to predictability?"

 Golden Gate

 Ghirardelli Square AKA heaven

 This is my "tough" face that looks more like a constipated face.

 WWII ships

 Shopping at Union Square. I totally bought a Phoenix Rising bath bomb. 

 Winchester Mystery House. So very strange.

Glad for yet another adventure with my guy.

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