Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Truth Tuesday

  • How is it that I cannot focus for longer than five minutes to write this research paper? How? 

  • How is it that my period and finals week always coincide? How? Too much info? Oh, sorry. 

  • I love USU's football coach, Gary Andersen. And this article from ESPN is sort of why I love him. He has two Great Danes named Aggie and Big Blue. How cute is that? 

  • I cannot and will not stop listening to this gem. I'm obsessed. 

  • I told myself I was through with signing up for half marathons for a while. They stress me out. I can't even imagine running a full. But. . .guess what I did? I signed up for another half marathon. It's in May. I guess I should start running more than three miles when I go to the gym, huh? That might be a good idea. I blame my mom and aunt. They talked me into doing it with them. But guess what? The husband is in on the stress and training with me since he's running it too! Hooray for having people to stress with. 

  • I just spelled hooray wrong about three times before getting it right. I think someone is tired. 

  • I feel compelled to buy every color of tights for this winter season. Nothing says happy legs like colorful tights.

  • Brian and I are obsessed with burning candles lately. Our living room smells like cinnamon and our bedroom smells like sugar cookies. It's delightful. 

  • How amaze-balls is this sweater? Home Alone fans unite. 

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