Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gratitude Journal: Utah State University

beautiful Old Main & a Cache Valley sunset

I know I often times complain about school. But that's half the privilege of being a college student, right? Getting to complain about how hard everything is?

All kidding aside, I often times fail to remember how blessed I am that I'm getting a good education. And thanks to some very kind people who took pity on me or something, I am not having to pay the entirety of the expenses on my own. Thank goodness for scholarships and financial aid.

A couple weeks back when the announcement was made that Hostess would be shutting down, I decided to pick it up and do a news story on community reaction for USU student news. On Monday morning, bright and early, I actually made a trip to Ogden so I could be at the outlet store when their doors opened to sell the last products on shelves. I interviewed customers, I got camera shots of people pushing carts piled to the brim with cupcakes and donuts, I even interviewed the boy who got the last three boxes of Twinkies (he was sluffing school too, might I add). That was all fun and games. Then came the hard part. I asked one of the store clerks if I could interview her. Her initial reaction to me that morning wasn't the sweetest. I could tell she was a little bitter there was yet another person with a camera in their hair. However, she agreed to do the interview and she soon started to open up to me. Her interview really touched me. She expressed to me how scared she was for her future, how much she had loved her long-time job with Hostess, and being 55 years old, she didn't know what to do next. My heart ached for her as she opened up to me. After the interview ended and the record button was off, I continued talking to this lady who I found a connection with in the fifteen minutes of interviewing her. Before leaving the store, I shyly asked her if I could give her a hug. She gave me a big hug and told me she couldn't wait to see me on the news one day. She was a sweetheart.

My experience with this lady made me realize how grateful I am to be a student, working on my degree. In a world where good jobs are hard to come by, I'm glad that I can feel confident in the fact that I'll have my college degree.

And not just a college degree. A college degree from Utah State University. The most beautiful campus in all the world. I fell head over heels in love with my Aggie Blue when I first came here in 2009, and that love for my school has done nothing but grown stronger. It's where I met, became a "True Aggie" with, and married my husband. . .it's where I found myself and also who I want to become. . .it's where I discovered I have an absolute love for news and journalism and how important it is. I fear I will be one of those mothers who decks her child out in school apparel before they are even old enough to walk. I'm sorry, future children. But at least navy blue is a flattering color on just about everyone.

As I'm finishing up finals (my last one being tomorrow morning), I am exhausted but also can't help but feel a little sad that I will only be experiencing one more semester of final papers and filling scantrons out. It's all pretty bittersweet. I have met some of the most incredible people here at Utah State. From the track team, from jobs, from classes, from professors, and from A-TV News. Not only have I met incredible people. . .but I also met myself. A new, wiser, improved Kelsey. I am still super flawed in many ways, yes. But my college experience has made me better. As scared as I am to graduate, I'm excited to be an Aggie Alumni and I'm also excited to start my career (whatever that career ends up being).

Today, as I sit at my kitchen table that is lost beneath notebook papers and textbooks, I am grateful to be studying for a final exam. I am grateful for higher education. And I am especially grateful to be an Aggie.

 A-TV News Team. That's me in the maroon shiny shirt. . .in case you forgot what I look like.

With Producer Karlie after our Christmas show and last show of the semester 

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  1. #1. You are so cute
    #2. I'm really glad I took the time to read this post. It made my heart melt a little. I always complain about school and it's usually followed with a grumbly, "I shouldn't complain. I'm going to school. I should consider myself lucky."
    Thanks for reminding me what's most important!


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