Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Truth Tuesday

  • I am so burnt out right now. I just finished a big project and now I would like nothing more than to paint my toenails and watch Samantha Who. But the truth of it is, I can't. Brian has his company party tonight and then I still have a radio segment to edit and a paper to write. Boo. 

  • Today is my wonderful grandma's 70th birthday!! If you are reading this, Grandma, then happy birthday!! 

  • My grandma probably is reading this because she's totally hip and even has a facebook. 

  • One day, I will learn how to say no to someone and then not feel guilty afterwards for a solid hour. 

  • A friend steered me in the direction of this mashup and I've now had it on repeat. 

  • I have never had a Big Mac. Should I try one? I've been considering it lately.

  • Sometimes I wonder if Christmas got put in December so people wouldn't get depressed from all the dark and coldness. Not that I'm depressed. I just hear a lot of people suffer from depression in the winter. I would feel a lot happier though if there was some snow on the ground. The ugliness of the brown, dead grass makes me want to kick cute animals. And I love cute animals. 

  • When I was little, my brother and I took turns at night sleeping with this stuffed animal snowman. We claimed sleeping with it would make it snow. I swear it worked. 

  • My birthday is in less than a month. I'm stoked. And I'm playing with the idea of having a 90s themed party. 

I hope your Tuesday was/is a terrific one. I'm praying I make it through tomorrow. If I do, I get a reward because Brian and I are going on a little overnight getaway. I better get back to work. Thanks for letting me unwind for a moment and tell you some nonsensical truths! 

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