Friday, October 7, 2011

Shay Baybay Turns 21

Once upon a time, I stood in my ghetto bathroom at Old Farm and took a picture with by best gal friend and roommate, Shayla Alder, before we went to an 80s dance. And once upon a time, 21 years ago from today, my friend Shay Baybay Alder was born. And I'm so glad she was. Here are 21 things you may or may not know about the pretty girl. . .

1. Shayla sheds hair like a cat. I know this because I lived with her for two years. I guess it's something that comes with having gorgeous hair.

2. Shayla has a secret dream of being a gangster.

3. She likes to eat avocado. With a spoon.

4. Shayla is a sincerely nice person. She never talks bad about people and she is always trying to help others.

5. Shayla likes to watch old movies. Like "Singing in the Rain" for instance.

6. If you do something stupid, Shayla WILL laugh at you. But it's nice because it feels like she's laughing with you instead of at you.

7. I think Shayla is the first person I ever met who doesn't have a middle name.

8. Shay introduced me to Guitar Hero.

9. Many nights were spent at her house in high school, playing round after round of Guitar Hero.

10. Shayla is a true romantic. At least I think she is.

11. Shayla won't wear skinny jeans. I tried to talk her into buying a pair once for like a solid hour after she came out of the dressing room with them on. Silly girl.

12. Shayla likes to cook and bake. And she thinks aprons are cute.

13. Shayla is the best person to tell secrets to. She is one of the least judgmental people I know and she never  tells a secret.

14. Shayla will make a wonderful mom one day. She is the greatest aunt to her siblings' kids. Every time she babysits them, I can't help but smile.

15. Shay Baybay is a baller. She played basketball in high school. She was our point guard. Can you say big deal?

16.  Shayla will tell you she has bad handwriting. But it's actually quite nice. It's slanted and curly. It makes you feel like putting on a ball gown and going to a fancy party.

17. Shayla was homecoming queen at West Side High School. I was her first attendant. Oh, high school.

18. Shayla loves weddings.

19. Shayla was a supportive bridesmaid and just plain friend at my wedding. She created our slideshow since I was too stressed to do it. She's good at that. Saving me when I take off too big of a bite to chew.

20. Shay is mysterious.

21. Shayla likes to meet new people. And I think it's safe to say, they like to meet her too.

I hope the day has been a great one, dear friend. I can't wait to party the night away with you. Happy 21!


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