Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bottoms are Scary

With a name like 'Little Bear Bottoms', you'd probably think of something very cutesy. Like maybe you'd imagine the furry behinds of baby bear cubs. That's kind of what I think of. Well, most of what 'Little Bear Bottoms' offers is very cutesy and kid friendly. There's a ridiculously easy corn maze, hay bales galore for energetic children to climb on, tractor rides, and a white sheet set up so all can watch and enjoy Disney's Sleepy Hollow projected on the sheet.

 The one thing that doesn't exactly fit in with the rest of the old farm which has been turned into a Halloween-themed park, is the Haunted River Walk. It's very well done, each part you journey through has been creatively planned out and arranged. From an old lady at an organ, to clowns following you with knives, to a man being hung from a tree, to a run-down truck chasing you through a corn field, to the Headless Horsemen himself. . .the simple place tucked in the valley of Wellsville sends chills down the spine and made me shriek in surprise and giggle in amusement all at once. It was a thrill. I am so happy my mom, sisters, and Saige (my sister's good friend) were able to make it down our way this weekend so we could get in the Halloween spirit. Brian and I really had a great time, so thanks girls!

Just to mention, we went on this same Haunted River Walk last October, and my baby sis, Chloe, got scared to death. She bawled nearly the whole time. She was extremely brave this time and didn't cry at all. Just clung to Brian's neck a little tightly during the scary parts (he gave her a piggy-back through the haunted walk).

We finished the night off right with hot chocolate back at mine and Brian's apartment. Goodness, I'm thrilled for Halloween. Enjoy some pictures of our spooky adventure:

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