Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Forgotten Thank Yous

A list of thank you notes I'll never send in the mail. . .  .

Dear Life Cereal,
Thank you for making a cinnamon version of your bad self so I have something delicious to snack on. I read on your box this morning that you're also celebrating your 50th birthday. Go Life! You rock!

Dear Hastings,
Thank you for all the free movies. Brian and I rent from you so often that we seem to always have credit. Especially lately since we've been on a scary movie kick.

Dear Lady sitting behind me in the temple,
Thank you for passing me the cough drop during my deathly coughing episode. Through that experience, I discovered that the temple is the worst place to choose to cough uncontrollably. Thanks for making my life a little less awkward. The cough drop felt nice on my raspy throat.

Dear Chick-fil-A,
Thanks for being my comfort food. Something about your polynesian sauce, nuggets, and waffle fries just wins me over.

Dear 95.9 Classic Rock,
Thank you for the great music from days when rock still rocked and my dad still had a mullet.

Dear Newscast teacher,
Thanks for handing out Kit-Kats today. I was sincerely excited about it.

Dear family,
Thank you very much for our kitty. . .because I don't think we plan on giving her back like we originally said. We've just grown much too attached.

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