Friday, October 14, 2011

Five Feel Goods

Today is Friday. Praises. Sadly, I fear the majority of my weekend will still be spent doing homework.
Is it Christmas break yet? 

But despite the nasty load of homework I have ahead of me, I'm sure BWell and I will still find some time for fun. 

Remember how I used to do a "Five Feel Goods" every Friday? Remember how I haven't done it for quite some time? Well, I decided to start back up again. Because there is nothing wrong with focusing on the simple, lovely things that make us feel incredibly happy.

Pretty fall colors on my coffee table make me feel really good. A dish of candy corn and caramels, a book I still have to read and return to my grandma, and a handkerchief that is usually found around Luna's (the kitty) neck.

This sweet saying makes me feel good. It's from a Winnie the Pooh movie. Gosh, I love Winnie the Pooh. I would like to eventually make a sign like this and put it in our bedroom.

This tutorial  on how to make vintage suitcases even cuter! I have a plain brown suitcase I scored at an antique shop about a month ago. I totally plan on trying this with it. Perhaps this weekend as a break from writing papers?

Fall clothing. I love the fact that fall is here. It's my absolute favorite! If I could live somewhere in the world where it was fall weather all year, I'd move there. Stat. Okay, maybe. I do love my seasons. However, fall just makes me chipper. And it allows me to bust my favorite articles of clothing from my closet. Boots, leg warmers, sweaters, cardigans, leggings, hats. . .the fun just never stops.

Speaking of fall, it's the perfect time for me to make my favorite cookie. Pumpkin chocolate chip. There is nothing quite like curling up in bed with Bri and feasting on pumpkin chocolate chip cookies while drinking milk out of our special mugs.

I feel oh so good. I hope you feel good too, and have yourself a spectacular sort of weekend. 

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