Monday, October 17, 2011

Drab to Fab for Dirt Cheap

So last week when I was suffering from a very evil cold, I decided to go to the place where everyone should go when their nose is stuffy so they can't smell a thing. That place is Deseret Industries. So I wandered into the aisles of the store which is full of a bunch of weird house smells all meshed together, and started searching for secondhand treasures. I came across a very tacky painting, but I was in love with the bright yellow frame it was in.

 I felt torn. Tacky painting. Awesome frame. Tacky painting. Awesome frame.

Since it was only $3.00, I came to the decision that I'd buy it. However, over the weekend, I gave it a little makeover. This makeover was not only cheap, but insanely easy. So easy even my cat could do it. All you need is a tacky painting or a painting you're not totally in love with, sticker letters, and paint (I used spray paint). Let me tell you what I did. 

Step One

Take your sticker letters and place them on the painting. Since I am the paranoid type, I cut the stickers out before sticking them on so I could get them just how I wanted. Feel free to place them as perfectly or as crookedly as you fancy. You can say whatever you wish on your painting. Choose a favorite saying, quote, or catchy song lyric. My space was pretty limited. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to say, since most the quotes I liked were too long. Finally, Brian and I decided on some lyrics from a song by Third Eye Blind (one of the best bands ever) called, "Deep Inside of You". The lyrics we chose were, "Boy make girl feel good". Simple, but sweet in so many ways.

Step Two 

Paint over the painting and letters. You could use acrylic paint if you so desire, but I just used spray paint. Spray paint is a lot faster, plus I wanted to make sure it wouldn't bleed through the stickers. Make sure you choose a color that won't blend with the colors of the original painting. Using white paint would almost always be a safe bet. I chose a very light sea foam color. Then just wait for it to dry. 

Step Three

After the paint has dried completely, just carefully peel your stickers off. This was my favorite part. It's fun to see what each letter looks like. Brian used one of his razors to easily take the stickers off. I would recommend using a tool besides just your fingers.


There you have it. Three basic steps and you have yourself a new piece of wall art. I'm excited with how it turned out. It'll be a great addition to our cozy bedroom. After experimenting, I'll now probably be on the hunt for crappy art more often. 


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