Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Truth Tuesday

(Brian and Luna turned into a psychedelic poster) 

  • Today was a rather rough morning. It started out nice, with both me and Brian being ready to go to class on time. Then, however, I couldn't find my van keys anywhere. This is a problem seeing our parking pass was locked within Goldie the Van. After twenty minutes of tearing our place apart, we couldn't seem to locate the keys anywhere. So we came to the conclusion that Luna, our playful and very sly kitten, must have carried the keys off somewhere. She has an obsession, after all, with car keys and all things jingly and shiny. So we drove to class, parked on campus, and paid a ridiculous amount to use the lot for three hours.

  • After returning back to our home about thirty minutes ago, we searched the place again for any sign of my keys. We even told Luna that if she showed us where they were, we'd reward her with a can of tuna. She didn't seem to understand. Finally, I found my keys hidden in the depths of my cluttered purse. I guess you could say I felt pretty foolish. Brian mocked me. I was mad. In the end, we both agreed we would still blame Luna for the key incident, but guys, she's just so cute! I can't tell lies about her. So there you have it: the truth.

  • Over the weekend, I made cookie dough, planning on turning the dough into chocolate chip cookies. That never ended up happening. It remained in dough form and me and Brian ate it from the bowl with a spoon. While watching an old horror movie, of course. 

  • Sometimes, I forget to put a bra on before I get dressed. So I get completely dressed, realize I forgot something, and then have to get redressed all over again. Maybe one day I'll learn. 

  • So I guess I'll now reveal what Brian and I are being for Halloween. Since it's Truth Tuesday and all. We are being old people. I'm excited. I think we'll make an endearing old couple. 

  • I realized that lately I haven't been doing much focusing on others. I can do better. Sometimes I get a little too caught up in my own life and I forget that I have it pretty easy. 

  • I finally jumped on the bandwagon and joined Pinterest. You can find myself right here  I honestly don't get what all the hype is about. It's nice, but I think blogger and facebook are still cooler. But it is nice to look for craft ideas, party ideas, and home decor ideas. I don't really get why you'd pin music, celebrities, or books though. I know what books I like. It's stored in my brain. And I don't feel it's important to waste time looking for pictures of Hillary Duff so I can pin them to my "Celebrities I Like" board. Maybe it'll grow on me. After all, I did make fun of people with blogs before I tried having one myself. 

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