Saturday, November 5, 2011

Close Your Eyes and 1, 2, 3

Three months. 

It has been three months today since Brian and I began this adventure called marriage. I got some wedding pictures back and after looking through them, I found myself reflecting on our wedding day and just mine and Bri's relationship. 

The other night while curled under the covers and just before fading off into sleep, I whispered to the darkness, "Brian, are you still awake?" 

He made some sort of a mumbled noise so I went on and asked him my question,
"Do you feel like we're newlyweds."

He turned to me with tired blue eyes and said, "Not really." 

I pulled the sheets up over my chin and replied quietly, "Me neither. . .do you think that's a bad thing?"

"Why would it be a bad thing, Kels?"

"I dunno. Aren't we supposed to feel like we're in some magical world and that we're learning new things about each other every day?" 

As soon as I said it, I realized how dumb it sounded. 

The thing is, Brian and I know each other. There aren't any surprises. There aren't any new things we're learning every day. I haven't discovered anything weird he likes to eat that I didn't already know about before. We are not living in some fantasy land where everything is mushy gushy. And I'm alright with that. That's what dating is for. Because honestly, that would be very strange to be living with a man you didn't know very well. I'm so glad we took our time dating and I'm so glad we have a strong friendship. Marriage isn't about learning new things about each other; it's about learning new things together. 

And together is just where I like to be.

 {You can't really tell, but in this picture our friends and family are pulling confetti poppers as we're leaving. It was awesome at the time. My sister and I wrapped each popper in cute scrapbook paper too which took bloody forever}


Thanks for being my best pal who I can talk to about anything. Thanks for putting up with all the embarrassing  things I do. Thanks for letting me beat you in pool. Thanks for letting me throw a snowball at your head. Thanks for going in old book stores with me. Thanks for letting us have a cat. Thanks for staying up late to play cards at the kitchen table with me. Thanks for reminding me how special I am on the days I forget. Thanks for making me feel beautiful on days I need it most. Thanks for a lot of things, but if I kept thanking you, the list would go on forever and I'm fairly sure everyone would stop reading.   


Your Kelsey Girl 


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