Friday, November 25, 2011

A Big Fat Thankful Heart

This Thanksgiving was a wonderful, little gem of a day. I have a very thankful heart for so many reasons. Just to name a few things I was thankful for this Thanksgiving day:

-My wonderful husband and best buddy, Brian. Our first Thanksgiving together was a happy one, and we're on our way to having an entirely happy Thanksgiving weekend. 

-That I didn't humiliate myself in front of Brian's parents and his many neighbors on Thanksgiving morning when we shot clay pigeons. I think I only missed once or twice. Good thing I grew up in Idaho, where the majority of people are obsessed with guns and shooting stuff. 

-That Brian and I pulled ourselves out of bed bright and early so we could do a Thanksgiving fun run with Bri's Mom. It was fun indeed and not even as cold as I had imagined. 

-My in-laws' hot tub. Boy, did that warm water feel nice after the fun run and after we finished shooting guns (my toes were a little numb). 

-That I was able to spend the day with the Weller family. They are all so great. We had a beautiful dinner. The food was great. And there were cute turkeys made out of candy which I was a big fan of. 

-I now appreciate pie more than I ever have in years past. I still prefer a slice of cake over pie, but after that slice of chocolate truffle pie, I'm a bit more converted. 

-I finished a 500 piece puzzle. Okay, that sounds like I finished it alone. Me, Brian, and Tami (Brian's mom) finished it. I was excited about it though because I'm good at starting puzzles but then I never help finish them.

-I wore the shirt that I originally bought for my Halloween costume (when I was an old lady) to the Thanksgiving day feast. And I feel like I looked pretty cute. At least I'm pretty sure I didn't look totally ugly. 

-My feather earrings. They make me feel like a diva each time I wear them.

-That the movie Salt was on television on Thanksgiving evening. Love that movie. Angelina Jolie rocks in it. 

-That we changed our minds about waiting in a huge line for Black Friday and losing tons of sleep as a result, and instead we went to bed quite early.

-Cuddling in bed with BWell and playing Scrabble on his phone before falling asleep. 

-Forgetting my cell phone charger so that when my phone eventually died, I was cell phone free. Sometimes I hate communicating with the outside world. 

-That even though we didn't get out of bed at 2 am to go shopping, Brian still scored the tv he wanted. Apparently a truck came in late to K-Mart. BWell's office will now have a rockin' new tv. 

-My new polka-dot tights from Target. 

-I can now openly celebrate Christmas without people getting all offended and ornery about it. 

-Family and friends and having time to spend it with them instead of stress about work or school. Going back to real life on Monday is going to be gnarly.

Everyone enjoy the weekend! I'll enjoy mine by putting up our Christmas tree and decorating it with BWell. Ah, I'm so looking forward to it!  

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