Monday, November 14, 2011

Logan Love: Becky's Bookshelf

Are you a person like me who gets excited when thinking about what book you want to read next? Are you a person like me who refuses to buy a kindle because there is just something refreshing about holding a book in your hands, feeling the pages, and smelling the paper? Are you a person like me who finds pure joy in beautiful, worn, classic novels? If so, I have a real treat for all you bookworms out there. This shop in Logan is a hidden little treasure which I'm beyond thrilled to share with you. Here's your Logan Love for the day!

Becky's Bookshelf
100 N 29 W Downtown Logan

Be careful. While searching shops along the street, you might just skim past this one. From the outside, it looks pretty tiny. When entering, it still seems pretty tiny. One of the narrowest stores I've ever been in, all the walls are covered with books. Colorful, wonderful books. And then, surprisingly, the store goes back further and further, just a narrow hallway leading back to more sections of bookshelves. It's heavenly. 

It's pretty easy to find the books you want, too. They have all the books in their store on record, and the books are also sectioned off by genre. It's that simple. 

The unique thing about this bookstore is that each book is one-of-a-kind. You see, Becky's Bookshelf is a secondhand bookstore. So all the books are used and very, very cheap. Each book I bought was under $2. And I got some real gems, we're not talking crap. Most of the books are also in very good condition. Staff go through all the books before putting them on the shelf to make sure they're sale-worthy. And even cooler, if you bring in books to trade, it'll cut down your price on many of the books. I say many because they don't cut prices for books that are already too cheap. Like my 50 cent book I purchased probably wouldn't qualify. 

So readers of books, pay Becky's Bookshelf a visit. And haters of books, donate your books to Becky's Bookshelf so us book lovers may enjoy them. 

They really do have some good reads. Or at least they did when I went in. There was a full Chronicles of Narnia collection by C.S. Lewis which was in golden condition. I considered buying it, but I already have the series, so that would have been silly. 

Here is a list of the books I did buy (just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about):

Where the Red Fern Grows
War and Peace
The Witch of Blackbird Pond
A Tale of Two Cities 
And just a really old book that looked neat, which I plan on using for some decorating 

Go raid Becky's Bookshelf & happy reading! 



  1. I like books. Happy reading. Brian doesn't look as excited about your Logan "find" as you do. Update us all on your progress of "war and peace" :-) You look great.


  2. Thanks for the tip. Very helpful because Kelsi and I are total bookworms. It is heavenly to sit in a room surrounded by books.

  3. Brian entertained me for the first twenty minutes we were there. After that he got grouchy and wanted to go home. He's not quite the bookworm I am. And yes, this store is great. Anyone who loves books and cheapness should go here for sure!


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