Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Made My Night

I realize my sense of humor is a bit 'out there' I guess you might say, but I thought this was absolutely laugh-worthy:

Oh, those silly slices of cheese.

Also, while I was keeping to myself just an hour ago and enjoying my bubble bath, Luna decided just to leap on into the sudsy water with me. Just to clarify in case you don't know or forgot, Luna is our pet kitty. Not some random lady who wanders around by my bathroom. Luckily, I awkwardly caught her before she emerged her entire sleek black body into the tub water. Seriously, doesn't she know cats are supposed to hate water? Whoever said curiosity killed the cat must have been talking about Luna's ancestor. That little creature loves to explore. And apparently she loves bubble baths too.

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  1. i want to meet the baby luna!!!! she is so pretty!


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