Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Truth Tuesday

Before I go into this week's Truth Tuesday, I feel I must apologize for a few things.

First off, this post will probably be rushed and short. That is because I a)am exhausted b) must do a million other things that are related to (bleh) school. So my apologies.

Secondly, I am sorry if I complain a lot in my Truth Tuesdays. It just so happens that Tuesdays tend to be my very most stressful day out of the week. And it just so happens that this semester is the busiest of my entire educational experience. And although I feel very passionately about most the classes I am taking this semester, they are very rigorous and time consuming. I've never been good at doing homework and these classes require hours on end of the stuff.

Now with the apologies out of the way, on to the truths!

  • I ate KFC for lunch today and I didn't even feel guilty about all the greasy food I consumed. Not one bit.

  • I am usually pretty on top of things with my Newscast class and I always check the schedule ahead of production day to see what my job is for the show. Well, the one week I didn't check came back to bite me a little. I didn't check the schedule for the first time, thinking I'd probably do something easy like run the teleprompter. That is until I got a text this evening from my producer asking me if I could have my weather script in by 7 am tomorrow. I'M THE WEATHER LADY! AAAHHH! This will be my first time as talent on our little Aggie news show and I was thinking I'd be doing an easy behind-the-scenes job. Oopsie daisies. 

  • Since my Newscast class takes up so much time, I find myself having to choose some other classes neglect a little. Well, that class has been Social Inequality. I have a test in that class tomorrow. And I'm trippin' I've been reading the textbook for the last couple hours and I think my brain is now hamburger.Yes, hamburger, like a dead cow.

  • I wasted an hour that I should have been studying for mentioned test trying on different outfits for my weather report. Yes, I am lame and unwise and vain. But at least I'll look cute tomorrow trying to act like I love talking about the weather. 

  • People who never signal while changing lanes bother me. How hard is it to tap the little signal stick which is conveniently set right by the steering wheel? Not hard. Not hard at all. 

  • I have been without my beautiful diamond ring designed especially by BWell for two weeks now. TWO WEEKS. That is two weeks too long if you ask me. I realized that one of the green stones set in the band of leaves was missing, so I took it into the jewelry store. They are replacing it for me, free of charge. However, they made a little mistake and ordered the wrong size of rock. I hope my ring comes home to me soon. This left ring finger is awful lonely. 

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