Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One More Month of 20

Exactly one month from today, I will turn the ripe age of 21.

If you know anything about me, you know that I'm obsessed with birthdays. Not just my own. I'm obsessed with  just the idea of a birthday. Birthdays are important. They are special. It's a lot LOT more than just magically becoming a year older and eating some cake. A birthday is a celebration of life. It's a celebration of being born and growing and learning. It's a celebration of the past year and how you've changed. It's a time to reflect and see how much closer you are getting to becoming the ideal person you want to become. 

A birthday is YOUR day. It should be your day to do whatever you want, to be appreciated, and to be constantly reminded every minute of just how special you are.

I love celebrating birthdays. I love buying people I care about presents. I love making ridiculous cakes. I love planning surprises and I love putting together parties. And I love, love, love seeing people feel happy and special. I want that job for a career, is there such a thing? Can I be a professional birthday celebrator? 

So granted, I also love my own birthday. Since my birthday is right after Christmas, I'm usually not busy with work or school so I tend to plan my day out with parties and activities I would like to do. I also usually go do something fun with my mom since, well, if it weren't for her I wouldn't even have a birthday. This year, however, I do not have to plan out my birthday since someone already planned it for me. And I won't be around the day of my birthday to celebrate with my mom . . . but I'll make it up to her.  

When Brian started dating me, he was so confused as to why I was so obsessed with birthdays. You see, birthdays had never been a big deal to him. It was one of those days where he just ate a slice of cake and it was a good day, end of story. Well, back when he turned 22, I spent the whole day making a very detailed cake that had sharks made out of twinkies all over it, I invited a bunch of people to a pizza dinner, and we celebrated up until midnight, and I cheered to him all day things like, "Brian, you are the best!" and "I'm so glad you were born!" 

After that day, Brian decided birthdays are fun. So maybe that's why he planned this special surprise for my 21st birthday. Or maybe it's because a few months ago when I was probably on my period and acting like an insane woman, I broke down bawling and said, "No one cares about my birthday. I always have to plan my OWN party." And Brian probably just patted my head and said something like, "Now Kelsey, normal people do not understand that birthdays are such a big deal." Whatever the reason is, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that I am super duper excited for my 21st birthday. 

After Brian got this in his fortune cookie one day . . . .

He announced that we are flying to Vegas for my 21st birthday. Thank goodness Southwest Airlines had some spankin' deals on flight and hotels that were only offered for about two days. And thank goodness Brian jumped on top of that spankin' deal.

But you know what this means? I have to try to compete with a Vegas trip when Brian turns 24 in April. I better start planning now. I don't think we can fit another cool trip in our budget, so if you think of any ideas, let me know.   

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