Friday, November 11, 2011

Five Feel Goods

I'll be honest. It's been a really rough week. There hasn't been a night this week where I've gone to bed before 1 am. And all those nights turn into early mornings where I roll out of bed, finish up homework and force myself to get ready. I've been a bit discouraged lately, feeling sad for suffering friends, feeling beat up from school, feeling confused about what I want to do with my life after I graduate, feeling like one thing just piles on top of the next. Doing assignment after assignment, writing paper after paper, shooting stories and editing them for hours on end, not to mention my hamper which is probably begging me to empty it and do laundry. Sadly, I probably won't do so until Brian and I have nothing left to wear and my last resort will be to wear lunch sacks or wash clothes.

I don't want to sound like a Negative Nelly, but I do want to be real. Life is not perfect. Life is not all fun adventures (although I wish it was). Sometimes life is messy. Sometimes life is frightening. Sometimes life is a week full of personal battles which build up and build up until you find yourself sobbing after setting your backpack, tripod, and camera in the back seat, climbing into your van and putting your key in the ignition. And then after you're done sobbing randomly out of nowhere, you buy some oreos and milk at the grocery store and you move on. 

Sometimes that is what life is. And even though it's hard and I don't understand why certain people must go through certain trials, what I do understand is that all those trying moments make the sweet and happy moments even better. 

Here are five sweet and happy things for my lovely readers. . . 

This sweatshirt is just plain pretty. And what makes me feel really good is that this a a DIY which is quite simple. Once I get a break from school (perhaps over Thanksgiving break) I'd like to create my own. It is an easy endeavor to find a cheap, plain, yet very comfy sweatshirt. So I could probably do that. And then after adding some delicate little doilies. . .BAM. . .you have yourself a beautiful but still comfy sweatshirt. Want to try it with me, Mom? Craft date? I found this tutorial right here!

Brian and I now get the newspaper. Which I'm weirdly happy about. Now if we could just get television so I can watch the nightly news. I'm not complaining though. Brian and I have a ball reading our horoscopes each morning over breakfast. 


Pumpkin roll. Oh, it's heavenly. I made a roll last weekend and we gobbled it up pretty quickly. I spent this afternoon making another one. Addicted? Perhaps. Pumpkin roll is my favorite dessert for Thanksgiving. I just have never been a huge fan of pie. Sorry pie lovers. I mean, I'll eat it. But I never get excited about eating it. Pumpkin roll is a different story though. I salivate. My eyes grow big. I get stoked about eating it.


This asymmetrical bob has me feeling good! It's so funky and fresh. I am motivated to go for this look. Here we go, let the hair grow. Let's be real though, I will most likely go back to oober short at some point. I just love short hair. 

  I feel good about this! I am beyond ready to have a fun-filled night full of wishes, steak dinner, staying in a cabin with my pal, playing board games, watching movies, my Aggies beating BYU (fingers are crossed), and just having a romantic night with BWell without any distractions or thoughts of school/work. It'll be refreshing. Everyone wish big tonight at 11:11. It won't happen for another 100 years. So we probably won't be alive. 

Happy weekend, all! Smile big and look for the good in stuff, cause good is everywhere. 

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  1. I like your phrasing: "Negative Nelly". I like to use that one too. I am always happy to connect with someone who looks for the good. Thanks for a good post and yes, that pumpkin roll does look Yummy!



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